Rarest gold coins in the world

Rarest gold coins in the world
Rarest gold coins in the world
Rarest gold coins in the world

What are the most valuable gold coins in the world? Check the price value of the most expensive gold coins ever.

With its precious metal content and rarity, gold coin values often reach remarkable market prices.

The rarest numismatic gold coins are real treasures to behold. Investing in classic gold coins is for the collector who braves to ride the rise and fall of the gold spot price and the collector demand for old gold coinages.

This list of numismatic gold rarities from around the world is a testament that there are people willing to shell out huge sums of money just to have the most precious gold coins.

1.) 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold dollar coin

1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle
The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle gold dollar coin

In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt moved that American coinage be changed as he saw the then US currency as bland compared to the beauty of Greek coins.  For him, the coinage of a country is a symbol of its greatness. He ordered that American coins be a representation of prestige and power. So in 1907, gold double eagle coins were issued.

Not for long, in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt took off the gold standard from US coinage in the aim of stabilizing economy.  Gold coins had to be turned over to the government and had to be melted.  A few coins escaped melting.  Today, only one legitimate specimen of the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is known to exist and is now owned by a private coin collector.

Price actuations of 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold coin

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens is truly a historical numismatic piece. Once hailed as the Most Valuable Gold Coin in the world for being sold at almost $7.6 million in 2002, this rare gold coin is a numismatist’s treasure

2) 1787 Brasher Doubloons gold coin

1787 Brasher doubloon sells for more than 5 million
1787 Brasher doubloon were fabricated by New York silversmith Ephraim Brasher

In 1787, American silversmith and goldsmith, Ephraim Brasher petitioned to the New York State Assembly that he may be allowed to produce copper coins as there was often a limited mintage of coins during this time.

However, his request was not granted by the state. Because of such disapproval, Brasher went on with his producing items made of silver and gold including seven US gold coin patterns which are now more known as the 1787 Brasher Doubloon.

The Brasher Doubloon is believed to be the first gold coin minted in the US and is considered one of the most important coins in American numismatics.

Price & value of gold Brasher Doubloon coins

In January 1998, one of the seven specimens of the Brasher gold coin went up for $ 800, 000 in a Yale University auction. By 2005, another Brasher doubloon coin was sold for $2.99 million. The gold Brasher Doubloon coin last sold at public auction in a January 9, 2014, Heritage sale where it was finalized amounting to $4,582,500, which includes the 17.5% buyer’s fee added to the final closing hammer price of $3.9 million USD.

3.) Adelaide Assay Office gold ingots

1852 Adelaide Assay Office ingot
1852 Adelaide Assay Office ingot

Technically, these are not coins but just gold ingots minted during the Great Australian gold rush back in the 1850s. However, these coin-like gold ingots are wanted by those who are into exonumia, the branch of numismatics dealing with tokens. 

Worth & value of numismatic Adelaide gold ingots

There are eight known existing specimens of the Adelaide Assay Office golden ingots which are valued at A$ 1 million per piece.

4.) British Florin

1344 Double Leopard gold coins

In 1344, the first British gold coin was minted and it was called “florin” after a place in Florence, Italy famous for minting golden coins. The florin is often called the Double Leopard gold coins because the coin’s obverse features two leopards seated beside King Edward III. 

Unlike other rare British gold coins, the face value of the florin is greater than its actual gold content. British businessmen often refuse to accept florins during trading. The gold florins stopped in circulation only a few months it was released. It was then replaced with a new gold coinage, the British noble gold coin. 

Price & value of British florin gold coins

Today, the gold Florin coins are one of the classic British gold rarities. There are only three known golden florins to exist today. In a 2006 numismatic auction, a specimen of the florin was sold for £460,000.

5.) 1849-C Open Wreath gold coin

1849-C Open Wreath Gold Dollar coin
1849-C Open Wreath Gold Dollar coin

The gold dollar coinage was produced from 1849 to 1889.  The 1849-C Open Wreath is the rarest US gold dollar and the third rarest regular issue of Liberty Head gold coin of any denomination.

Affectionately called the “King of Southern Gold Coins”, the 1849-C Open Wreath is truly one of the most valuable gold coins from America.

1849-C open wreath gold pieces price & value

There are disputed four or five pieces of this rarest gold coin known to exist today.  In 2004, a specimen of the one dollar open wreath gold coin was auction for $690,000.  Gold coin investors believe that 1849-C gold dollars can reach up to nearly a million dollars in value.

6.) Proof 1920 Sydney Mint Sovereign gold coin

1920 Sydney Mint Sovereign gold coin featuring King George V

1920 Australian sovereign gold proof coin is one of the rarest circulated gold coins in the world. Some numismatists even claim that this coin does not exist. However, it does and it tops the list of the extremely rare Australian gold coins.

Proof 1920 Australian sovereign gold coins value & price

In 2009, this rare Australian gold coin was sold for A$ 844, 000 over a telephone coin auction.

7.) 1861-D gold dollar coin

1861-D gold dollar coin minted during the American Civil War

The 1861-D gold dollars were minted during the American Civil War when Confederate troops were ordered to take over the Dahlonega Mint.  However, the mint would not generate enough income to continually support the mint operations. The branch mint was decided to be closed down including other branches of coin mints in other places in the US. The 1861-D golden dollars became one of the rarest American gold coins as they were the last coins minted in the Dahlonega Mint. 

It is believed that 1,000 to 1,500 pieces of this coin were minted while others speculate there were about 2,350 to 3,250 pieces of the gold dollar produced. There are approximately 60-80 specimens believed to exist today but about 2 are in Mint State condition.

Estimated price & value of 1861-D gold $1 coin 

An 1861 Dahlonega gold dollar in an average circulated condition has a retail value of $5,000 in 2007 numismatic price guides.

8.) 1852 Adelaide gold pound

1852 Adelaide gold pound
1852 Australian Adelaide gold pound

On of the rarest Australian gold coins is the Adelaide gold coin. Some currency experts argue that it’s not a coin since it was struck without Royal assent or approval. Thus, it’s merely a coin-shaped ingot or a lump of gold with a monetary value equal to the Australian pound. But numismatists consider this a valuable and significant gold coin in the history of Australian coinage.

After the first year of minting of the Australian gold pound, they found out that its intrinsic value exceeds its face value of one pound. The mint authorities mandated to have all Adelaide gold coins shipped to London for melting. One year later, the Adelaide gold pound coinage was stopped.

Market value of 1852 Adelaide gold coins

Only a few hundred pieces of the gold Adelaide pound is believed to be existing today. In 2009, a high grade specimen of the Adelaide pound was sold in Sydney for $ 337, 600.  An Adelaide gold coin with lesser numismatic grade was also sold $221, 550 in an Australian auction during the same year.

9.) Spur Royal gold coins

James I Spur Ryal gold coins

Also called the Spur Ryal, this rare English gold coin was first issued during the reign of King James I. The gold Spur Royal coins were so called because of its sun and rose design that resemble a horse’s spur. The Spur ryal gold coinage has a face value of fifteen shillings.

Price and value of gold Spur Royal coins

Golden Spur Royal coins are one of the world’s rarest gold coins. This English numismatic rarity is estimated to fetch a price of at least US$ 30,000 to 35,000 for an MS-64 grade.

10.) 1879 Flowing hair stella gold coin

1879 Flowing hair stella gold coin
1879 Flowing Hair Stella gold coin

The $4 stella gold coin was minted between the years 1879 and 1880. In general, all golden stella coins are extremely rare. There are only 13 to 30 remaining peices of this American gold rarity. 

However, the rarest stella gold coin is the 1879 flowing hair or the Barber stella. It was named after its designer Charles Barber who depicted Lady Liberty with a long hair.

Estimated worth of a four dollar stella gold coin

As of 2006, an 1879 Barber stella gold coin is priced around US$233, 180 for a high mint grade specimen.

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