Where to buy gold bullion coins?

buy gold bullion coinage from the coin mint
You can buy gold bullion coinage from the coin mint

Look into the best places to purchase gold bullion coins. Guide on where are the best places to purchase gold bullion.

Places where you can buy gold bullion coins are more accessible to you than you thought. Not surprisingly, many are looking for venues in buying gold bullion coinage just like Robert.

By middle age, Robert is now starting to save up for his retirement. He has always wanted to put his hard-earned money in tangible assets like in gold bullion coins. He reasons out that since we can never predict what might happen soon, it’s better to safeguard your finances by investing in precious metal coins. 

For beginners like Robert, the best way to make money with gold coins is by acquiring gold bullion coins. These are the places where you can find bullion gold coinage for sale:

1) Purchasing gold bullion coins online

Buying gold bullion coins through the internet is a convenient method as long as you know how to protect yourself from scammers. The best way to avoid bogus buyers is to purchase gold bullion coins from secure websites.

• Gold bullion coins from internet vendors – many shopping websites like Amazon.com sell gold bullion coinage. Buying from online shops such as this is safe since you are subject to the site’s security procedures. 

• Bullion gold coin sites – there are internet sites dedicated only to gold bullion coins for sale. These gold bullion coin retailer websites are usually run by precious metal coin investor companies. Thus, they also carry gold bullion coins from other countries.

• Auction sites for gold bullion coins – you can bid on a bullion gold coin on the internet like how you do it in real life auctions. Such websites like Ebay.com is convenient for gold coin investors living far.

Tips when buying gold bullion coins on the internet

•    Don’t hesitate to ask the seller questions regarding the gold bullion coin you are buying. 

•    Always ask for close-up photos of the item. This is one of the methods on to spot fake gold coins online.

•    Only pay through the designated payment methods such as via PayPal. 

•    When buying gold coins – whether be they numismatic or bullion – make sure your gold bullion coin is shipped with protective covering

2) Getting gold bullion coins from coin mints

Where else can you find the best deals for gold bullion coins than from its source – the coin mint? Every year, coin mints from the around the world produce gold bullion coinage. Like the other precious metal coins in silver and in platinum, gold bullion coins find their way to investor markets.

Coin mints can be government-owned or they can be private institutions authorized by the state to make currency. Each gold bullion coin comes with a certificate of authenticity and a statement indicating its purity.

The best thing about shopping gold bullion coins from the mint is that you’re a hundred percent sure that you’re not getting counterfeits.

Tips on buying gold bullion coins from the mint

•    There are special edition gold bullion coins that you can only buy from the coin mint. For instance, the US Mint has released proof bullion coin sets of the Gold American Eagles

•    Some mints like the United States Mint have online shops. You can also purchase gold bullion coins directly from there.

3) Buying bullion coinage from dealers 

Gold bullion coin dealers are official resellers or distributors of valuable metal coins. They got their stocks directly from the mint. Most dealers of gold bullion coinage are investors themselves. Thus, they are a knowledgeable of the gold spot price. 

Advice on acquiring gold bullion coins from dealers

• Unlike numismatic coin vendors that impose high premium rates or markup prices on rare coins, gold bullion coin dealers put lower premiums. Usually at 10% per coin. 

• Only buy from certified gold bullion coin dealers.  Don’t purchase from small scale vendors with no proven track record of gold coin sales. 

• When in doubt, ask other gold coin investors who are the local reputable gold bullion coin dealer in town or in your area

4) How to buy gold bullion coins from international sellers

You can obtain gold bullion coins from other countries through international coin vendors. You can get it through the internet or order brochures. Big-time gold coin dealers know where to get gold bullion coins in China, across Asia, Europe, and in anywhere in the world. 

For instance, you are from Australia and you wonder “how do I purchase coins directly from the US mint?” You simply log in to their website and fill out an international order form.

Guide in buying gold bullion coinage from other countries

• When you are not familiar with the gold bullion coin series, research about its issuing country to know about its fineness or purity. 

Countries have their own specifications and standards of gold bullion coins. Most gold bullion coinage worldwide contains 24-K gold. However, the South African krugerrands only have 22-K. 

• Global vendors of gold bullion coins usually charge you handling fee for overseas shipping. Be sure to check the company policy regarding this.

• Shopping for gold bullion coins internationally is subject to customs tax. Be prepared to pay for such additional amount.

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