Where to buy silver coins?

buy silver coins online
You can buy silver coins online. Check a trusted dealer’s website for latest pricing and availability of silver coins

Buying silver coins is not that difficult. At first, you might be confused where to buy silver coins because there are numerous silver coin shops and numismatic websites.

All of them claim to be the authority in selling silver coins. But by doing your little homework, you can always find the best silver coin values.The following guide tells you where you can purchase your silver coins.

1) Coin shops

In North America, silver coin shops are found in almost every state. This is also true in European nations, in Canada, and in other countries. Try going around the town or city one lazy afternoon and see if you can find a coin shop. Or better yet, open the phonebook and start searching for numismatic shop advertisements.

The best thing about buying from a coin shop is you can actually examine the coin at a closer look. Silver coin shops are also well-equipped with coin collecting supplies. More over, you can find locals who share your passion in collecting silver coins and they can always offer a good judgment on your fancied coin.

On case-to-case basis, the local coin shop may have a little supply or meager collection of silver coins. And most often, their silver coins are pricey.

2) Local silver coin dealers and  coin brokers

Look for ads of local coin dealers on the morning newspaper. Silver coin dealers have connections with other dealers. They can help you find a coin you’ve been looking for. 

You may also try the services of the coin broker in buying silver coins. They work by procuring the coin for your part and earning a commission in the process. Coin broker are numismatic experts and have sources where to buy silver coins. You can find them in coin magazines.

3) Silver coin auctions

If you bid on a silver coin auction, make sure you know the procedures and rules. 

Just a word of caution in buying at auctions: discipline yourself not to go over the actual amount that you can afford.

4) Mail order 

Another good place where to purchase silver coins is through the mail. Buying mail order silver coins is convenient and cheap.

A lot of silver coin dealers who use mail order coin catalogs do not have expensive overhead costs. Likewise, you will not be spending that much when you buy your silver bullion from them. 

Another word of advice: always check the return and exchange policies of silver coin dealers. Once your coin arrives, do a thorough check up for damage and look for the proof of authenticity.

5) Online coin stores and online coin auctions

The coin collecting community is now online! There are thousands of websites that sell silver coins.  Coin collecting forums also contain online posts of silver coins for sale.

6) Coin Mints 

The good old coin mint is a good place to buy silver coins. You can get the shiny modern issues and other awesome silver bullions that are available for a limited time. The US Mint, for example, has a website where you can order a silver coin.

7)    Coin shows

Last but never the least, buy silver coins in coin shows and exhibits. The silver bullion selection in coin fares are diverse thus, you can have plenty of choices to choose from. Coin show prices are fairly reasonable.