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2-Clicks coins is a comprehensive and useful coin resources for any new coin investors, coin collectors and beginners as well. Our goal is to provide coin investing and numismatic advice to the larger public.

Give access to the largest reference through our complete coin information and help the coin community ( collectors, investors, dealers, clubs ) to interact through our comment section.

The hobby of numismatic is the collecting or trading of coins or legally minted currency. Most of the collectible coins ( coin collector coins, numismatic coins, rare coins ) include those that were circulating for a short time, for example, error coins and as well as historically interesting coins. The coin collecting hobby can be differentiated from numismatics in that the latter is the study of currency, though both are obviously closely related.

Collecting and trading coins has long been popular, and with the now common use of the internet, makes it easier and quicker. Some collectors specialize in a particular type of coin (e.g. gold), whilst some prefer a specific currency. Many collectors purely do it for the enjoyment rather than to make money.

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