1906-D $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle error coin

Broadstruck (Out of the Collar)
Broadstruck (Out of the Collar)

1906-D $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle, broadstruck out of the collar. This is the only known broadstruck $20 gold piece that was made in the U.S. It has a plain edge and expanded in size. There are several partial collar gold pieces that have sold from $5000 up to $15,000.

The $20 Liberty gold pieces were only made at the Denver Mint in 1906. This is the only known example of this type of broadstruck gold piece that was produced by the US Mint. It’s believed that the collar and dies were not set correctly during the first year of production.

During that period, the Denver Mint was testing its new equipment and presses. It only struck gold coins during the years 1906 and 1907. The uniface bronze medals that were struck were part of a ceremony that was held to celebrate the opening of the US Mint in Denver. The design on the medals featured the words “DENVER 1905.”

Very rare are major errors made by the US Mint when it comes to the production of gold coins. These errors are usually checked and thoroughly scrutinized before they are placed into the hands of the public. It is exciting that the $20 Liberty gold piece was accidentally released by the Denver Mint.

Another major error that the US Mint made was the design of the $20 Liberty gold piece. It features a 180-degree rotated double struck. This rare and unique design can be had for $150,000.

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