2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin

The 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin is a special commemorative coin issued by the United States Mint in 2016 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the original Walking Liberty half dollar design. This coin was minted in honor of the iconic Walking Liberty design created by Adolph A. Weinman, which was first used on the half dollar coin from 1916 to 1947.

2016-W US Gold Centennial Walking Liberty Half Dollar
2016-W US Gold Centennial Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Presenting the 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin, which is amazingly stuck in 24 karat pure gold, featuring half dollar denomination.

The 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin is released to commemorate the original half dollar design of Walking Liberty of Adolph A. Weinman.

Every coin carries one and half troy ounce 24 karat pure gold and boasts of a business strike design. The heads of this coin feature a full length image of Liberty in complete stride, covered in attractive flag folds.

The right hand of the Liberty is extended and all branches of oak and laurel are designed in her left side. Inscriptions available on the coin are “In God We Trust”, “Liberty” and “2016.”

The tails of the 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin feature a figurine of an eagle which rises from the perch at a mountaintop. The inscriptions of the coin are “E Pluribus Unum”, “Half Dollar”, “United States Of America”, “24K”, “AU”, and “1/2 OZ”. The coin is summarized and hand-wrapped in a tailored designed, black presentation case made of matte hardwood and comes with a Certificate of Authority.

In 2016, the Mint has denoted the centennial anniversary of trio icons by releasing the 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin, Mercury Dime and Standing Liberty Quarter.

Before the launch of this gold coin, few people in the US showed their bullish viewpoint for the sales potential of this gold coin. The notable personality who was against this coin include Ian Russell 0 CEO and President of Great Collections – a coin auction online company.

On October 28 2016, he stated that the half dollar centennial gold coin has the highest potential to emerge as the best from three of them. A number of people would love to have it because it is a larger sized gold coin. The design of this coin is also great and hence, there are chances that it will be sold at a limit of 3 per household.

Though it seemed as a big consensus went for its launch that it will not be a quick seller coin.

It was a viewpoint that has multiple basis like high cost of $865 which shows a premium price as compared to $250, or approximately 40%, the highest mintage of 70 thousand coins which was too high as per most of the collectors, another fact that the quarters of gold are still unsold, despite the fact that the limit on households is already increased; and an advice that it will not be successful in secondary market. In addition, the holidays approach and buyer fatigue were also in these viewpoints.

These viewpoints looked to be encouraged by other developments before the launch of the coin. One development was for numismatic blogosphere’s gold halves where the quarter and dime was present that include blogs of coin sponsored by PCGS message boards and Whitman.

Other development was some offered came from dealers for the purchase of coins at the premium for acquiring enough inventory. For instance, a company offered $100 credit to buy a coin and others who made these offers at smaller premiums as compared to those made in past due to uncertainty about the future of the coin. So, a deal asked about offers ranging from $25 to $100 each coin from different companies.

The sales of the 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin have reached underway. As per Mint, it is expected that 43,728 coins were already sold on the first day out of 70 thousand total coins.

A half-ounce 24 karat .999 fine gold coin costs $865. This price accompanies $250.60 premium on gold contained in it at PM Fix London at $1,229.20 on 16 November 2016.

The initial results had been typical as there had been high demand for these coins as customers reported no issue or problem faced during order placement. Others reported that they faced computer issues while checkout process.

This new gold coin 2016 is one-offs, unlike old coins like the American gold Eagle and American Buffalo Gold which are current series having famous classic designs of the coin. The trio look to have long-term value. Though we are yet unsure about how these coins will be categorized as if as commemorative or special-issued coins and where will they be listed like in Red Book. Complementing the trio Liberty coins which launched in 1916 in the US numismatics, new gold coins seem to have a great future ahead.

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