What are platinum coins?

Platinum coins are an interesting item for the coin investor. Though nowhere near as widespread as gold coins, obviously, platinum coins have an exciting history and several countries have produced, popular platinum coins still traded and in circulation today.

Most Popular Platinum Coins
Most Popular Platinum Coins

The History of Platinum Coins

Let us take a look further and learn more about platinum coins. Identified as a new element in the mid 1700s, platinum was only rarely used in Europe until the early 1900s when new methods were developed for working with the metal. At the time most platinum came from South America until huge discoveries were made in Russian and mined heavily.

In 1983 the Isle of Man issued their own platinum coin, quickly followed by Australia and Canada and a few other nations. By 1997 the United States issued their own platinum coin which would become explosively popular in the platinum market.

Recognized as the rarest of the precious metals and with a growing interest among investors in all sorts of investments in this category platinum has seen ever increasing popularity.

Many view it as a very wise investment and even a safeguard against the possibility of the weakness of “paper” money in what could be trying economic times ahead. Whether this type of thinking is warranted remains to be seen.

List of the most popular platinum coins

There are far fewer platinum coins on the market than gold or silver coins. Here’s a look at the four most popular of the coins today. All prices listed were at the time of writing this article, which of course, are subject to change.

Platinum Noble

Isle of Man Noble Platinum Coin
Isle of Man Noble Platinum Coin

Produced by the Isle of Man, a British protectorate, between 1983 and 1989 the Noble is not currently being minted. A fine looking coin having a Viking long ship on one side and Queen Elizabeth the Second on the reverse, the coin was produced in sizes from 1/10th of an ounce all the way up to 10 ounces. One ounce coins are being widely sold at a market value of $1,676.

Platinum Koala

Koala platinum bullion coin

Produced by Australia, the Koala platinum bullion coin is truly unique looking among all platinum coins with a frosty luminous appearance. Widely appreciated and sort after in investment coin circles. Also being widely sold at the price of $1,676 for a one ounce coin.

Platinum Maple Leaf

Platinum Maple Leaf
1994 Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Produced by Canada in the 1990s production fell quickly as the price of platinum skyrocketed. It has become quite difficult to find current year coins do to the demand. The price for a one ounce coin is in the neighborhood of $1,700.

Platinum American Eagle

Platinum American Eagle
1 oz Platinum American Eagle Coin stamped on a $100

Saving perhaps the best for last, the Platinum American Eagle coin is beloved by investors due to the confidence held in the American mint which guarantees the quality of the coins. Produced in 1/10th of an ounce all the way up to 1 ounce the 1 ounce coin has the highest dollar value ever stamped on a U.S. Coin of $100.

This price of course should be ignored as the coin is worth much, much more than that! Many have difficulty keeping these in stock due to their popularity and the prices at the time of writing this were around $1,700 for a one ounce coin – when available.

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