American platinum eagles

2008 Platinum Eagle Coin
2008 Platinum Eagle Coin
2008 Platinum Eagle Coin

About the .999 fine platinum bullion coins of the American Eagles program of the United States Mint. Read about the use of the platinum American eagle coins to fund US retirement plans. Know their different face values and denominations.

The Platinum American Eagle coins are the latest installment of the American Eagles Program. After years of success with the Gold American Eagle and Silver American Eagle coins, The United States Mint launched the official platinum bullion coin of the USA. 

The American Eagles platinum bullion coins are convenient and cost effective way to own physical platinum in investment portfolios. Even if they have intrinsic precious metal content, these .9995 fine platinum coins have a legal tender.

Platinum investors and bullion coin collectors can choose among the following denominations and face values of the platinum American Eagles:

1/10 troy oz for $10 face value
1/4 troy oz for $25 face value
1/2 troy oz for $50 face value
1 troy oz for $100 face value

However, the face value of the platinum American Eagles (as with other bullion coins) is just for descriptive purposes, is not significant with the coin values.  The platinum eagle coins are struck in Philadelphia and West point branches of the US Mint.

The public law 99-61 of the United States Congress authorized the minting of the American Eagle Platinum Bullion coins. Thus, as a precious metal commodity, the platinum American eagles could be used to fund the Individual Retirement Account (IRA), a retirement plan for citizens of the United States.

The design on the obverse (heads) side is a close-up portrait of Lady Liberty designed by John Mercanti. It also shows the mint date and the “IN GOD WE TRUST” motto.

The reverse (tails) side of the bullion platinum American eagle coins bears the American bald eagle design of Thomas Rogers. It shows an eagle soaring above the sun. The face value and purity of the platinum bullion is also struck on the reverse side.

However, the reverse design of the proof platinum American eagle coin varies annually. Like regular proof coins, the platinum Eagle proofs have a shiny field (background) and a frosted device (the eagle design). Every year, the US Mint releases a new design of the American bald eagle illustrated in different themes.

From the year 1998 to 2002, there had been a coin program called “Vistas of Liberty” struck on American platinum eagle coins with reverse proof designs. Reverse proof coins, being the opposite of proof coins, have a dull field and a shiny device.

“The Foundations of Democracy” series was issued from 2006 to 2008 to honor the three branches of the US government.

The platinum eagle coins can be purchased at the United States Mint or in other authorized dealers. The price of each platinum eagle is based on the current spot price of platinum.

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