Coin auction online

Scotman Auction Co.

American site that serves as an agent on postal coin auctions and also caters to online auctions of numismatic collectibles. Alos buys numismatic merchandise.
Stack’s Bowers

Conducts live, Internet and specialized auctions of rare U.S. and world coins and currency and ancient coins, as well as direct sales through retail and wholesale channels.

Impressive company that deals with various collectibles including numismatics. They offer postal postal coin auction, public (mostly in London) and online auctions. They also sell on a fixed price.
Freeman and Sear

American postal antique coin auction site in the field of ancient numismatics and antiquities, offering coins and artifacts to its clients privately and via its internet website, as well as through its fixed price lists and online or postal auctions.

Offers an online antique coin auction service of rare United States coins supplied by its member dealers.
Forvm Ancient Coins

Antique coin auctions online are found in this section of an antique coin dealer site.

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