Coin auction house

Jeffrey Hoare Auctions

Started their auction business in 1986. Since that time Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc. has grown to become Canada's largest Numismatic and Military auction house.

German coin acution house website. This user friendly site will enable you to buy or sell as well as auction (online and offline in Germany) worldwide numismatic material, medals and paper money.
London Coins

UK coin auction house site. UK's leading Coin Dealers and Auctioneers of all coins and banknotes - any country, any era.
Greater Milwaukee Coin

US coin auction house site. Has 3 branches in Milwaukee. Sells coins through their branches either on direct purchase or through their bidding board.
Golfcoast Coin and Jewelry

A US coin auction house site that offers online and offline auctions in Florida and the sale of various collectibles including numismatics, gems, etc.
Ira and Gary Goldberg

US coin auction house site that is a public auction company in Beverly Hills, USA that also caters to numismatic collectibles among others.
Canadian Coin Shop

Welcome to Canadian Coin Shop, the eBay marketplace for canadian coins. All types of canadian coins are sold here including silver and gold coins. Just Search, bid, and buy!

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