Is buying gold coins a good investment?

Classic 2016 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is a good investment
The classic 2016 Gold Walking Liberty Half Dollar is a good investment

The fact that you should invest your money becomes obvious when you have managed to save a larger sum. Unfortunately, the investment market has been rather unsure lately.

Gold once again proves to be the safe and elegant way to invest one’s money. It can be argued that the profit rate of gold is rather low in time. However, bank deposits, stocks and even real estate investments can be dangerous, especially in times of crisis.

One may realize that one’s savings are gone if one of these options are chosen during a financial crisis. Buying gold sounds like the best choice during financially fluctuating times.

If investing in gold is the way you choose to protect your investments, it is good to know that you will benefit from several advantages. First of all, you will be able to touch and have in your possession the object of your investment.

If your residence meets the appropriate safety requirements, you will be able to keep the gold you have bought at home. On the other side, if you decide to buy gold jewels you or your family may wear them at special occasions.

The low moments in the history of gold have been considerably fewer than in the case of other investment variants. The entire world economy is based on it, and it is constantly sold and bought, thus, if you need liquid money, you may sell your gold in any country.

Except for jewels, one can buy gold bullion bars, which can be acquired from select dealers and banks. They come in various weights and degrees of purity, but you should know that the bigger the gold bar is, the lower the price you pay for one ounce will be. If you have a smaller amount of money available for investment, you may want to choose gold coins.

They can be bought in quite a lot of shapes and sizes. These options are another reason which recommends buying gold as a good investment method. However, make sure to test the quality of your gold a request a quality certificate.

The value of gold coins and bullion at the present value

A few coins are made for a particular gold weight. The worth of these coins is directly tied to the gold weight unless the coins are older and considered numismatic as well. Coin lovers may be surprised at the high value in which gold coins may bring in currently, but traders typically have a very good idea of the ounce price for this precious metal just before the search for an investment vehicle is initiated.

In some cases, the cost of gold coins these days might be inflated by a significant amount. When gold is purchased in coin form, there’s usually a markup included in the process.

The market cost of gold is not what the individual will pay for these coins. The market price is the starting amount, and then the supplier will mark up the products before selling them to individuals.

Gold coins are also priced based on the condition of the coin. A rare gold coin from 1728 will have significant value even in a bad situation mainly for the reason of the age and rarity of the coin.

Newer coins are more useful when they are in an excellent or mint state. Scratches, dents, along with other damage or wear will usually lower the expense of the coin.

Pros and cons regarding investing in gold coins


Here are some of the advantages connected with buying gold. To start with, the precious metal provides uncomplicated liquidity. This factor makes it better than other forms of financial investment. It’s possible to quickly sell this rare metal whenever. It is possible through fine jewelry stores or financial institutions.

Next, just as much as the current market appears unsure as a result of imbalances, it’s bound to go on for a short while. The reason behind this is because gold bullion is a precious metal in whose demand from customers is increasing, and the amount is restricted. This is an excellent method to increase costs hence buyers benefit a whole lot.

A lot of people usually buy gold far more when there’s tough economy making prices higher than normal. It’s a good way of sheltering oneself via inflation.

Thirdly, the net profit margin is extremely lucrative in comparison to other kinds of investments. Someone can keep the gold bullion up until the industry costs are advantageous enough.


As much as there are the advantages of making an investment in gold, one should know the bad side so as to make a prudent choice. Firstly, the experimental nature of the financial investment is complicated. A person always has to hypothesize whenever the value of gold will grow.

This occasionally works out to the disadvantage of many people whereby they sell their gold only to discover that the costs weren’t beneficial and that they have gone through a loss of revenue. The market always depends on upon the buyer’s objectives, the need for gold and the supply.

The returns are intangible. Which means someone doesn’t get to utilize the cash nearly as much as he wanted to. After the money is invested in gold bullion, the person doesn’t have use of it as it is frozen.

It is a huge con specifically if the individual has an urgent situation and also must have the spent money back. It implies that whenever one invests in gold bullion, he or she should have a very good and concrete money backup.

These are typically the great pros and cons concerning buying gold. For some, it may be an investment packed with trouble and disappointments while some may well think that the financial commitment is worth it. People must be ready enough for the business. After all, each and every business enterprise always has its risks.

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