Canadian gold coins

1979 Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf
1979 Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf bullion

Learn about Canadian bullion gold coins and know where to find the value of Canadian maple gold coin. Find out why this bullion coin is very famous around the world.

The Canadian gold maple leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada first introduced in 1979. Today, this famed gold international coin is considered the worldwide standard for gold bullion coins being purest of all bullion gold coins minted from different parts of the world.

That is because this coin in particular is at least 99.5% pure gold and is therefore exempt from the 15% taxation rate that Canada subjects coins too that fall below the 99.5% mark.

Aside from gold bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also issues platinum, palladium, and silver bullion Canadian maple leaf coins.

History of Canadian maple leaf gold coins

The Canadian maple leaf gold coin was the brainchild of Royal Canadian Mint Master Engraver Walter Ott.  It was first introduced to the public in 1979 and during this time, the only available gold coin in the market was the South African kruggerand.

In its first four years, the Canadian maple leaf coin was minted with 99.9% fine gold.  The gold purity was increased to 99.99% fine in 1983. Today, special edition Canada bullion coins are produced with a gold content of 99.999% millessimal fineness. 

For such high standard in gold fineness, the gold maple leaf coin from Canada is considered the purest bullion gold coin in the world.

Because of its ultra-high purity, the Canadian maple leaf easily develops wear and is prone to scratches.  Thus, this bullion coin should be handled very carefully.

The anatomy and design of the gold Canadian maple leaf coin

Like all the circulated Canadian coins, the obverse side of the gold maple leaf coin bears the bust of Queen Elizabeth II.  It bears the legend Elizabeth II at the top and underneath the queen’s portrait are the date of issue and the coin denomination (e.g. 2009 ONE DOLLAR).

The first issues of the gold maples featured a younger picture of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.  In 1990, the obverse design was replaced with a more mature image of the queen.

On the reverse side of the gold bullion coin is a maple leaf, Canada’s national symbol and which the coin’s name is derived from.  The coin’s reverse side also bears the word Canada and the amount and purity of the gold content (9999 fine gold).

Face Value or DenominationWeightDiameterThickness
$50 Canada1 troy ounce33 mm2.87 mm
$20 Canada½ troy ounce25 mm2.20 mm
$10 Canada¼ troy ounce20 mm1.79 mm
$ 5 Canada1/10 troy ounce16 mm1.13 mm
$ 1 Canada1/20 troy ounce14 mm0.92 mm

Canadian maple leaf gold coins as an investment

For many years, gold has always been known as a precious metal efficient as an investment vehicle.  Today, investing in gold coins is not only a common venture, it also one of the most practical ways of hedging financial and economic uncertainties. Gold coins are tangible assets—wealth that you can actually hold (and can easily keep) not like other non-cash forms of investments.

Because it is convenient to carry and is easily traded, a bullion coin is highly liquid or easily converted into cash unlike gold bars.  While bullion gold bars do make wise investments, they may need further assay or evaluation for its value to be recognized.

The Canadian gold maple leaf coin is a secure investment tool.  The government of Canada guarantees the purity, weight, and legal tender value of each gold maple leaf coin and because of such guarantee, the gold Canadian maple leaf coin and its value is recognized and accepted in all central banks in the world.

Special edition Canada maple leaf gold coin

$1 million gold Maple Leaf Special edition coin
$1 Million Dollar – Special edition Canada Maple Leaf gold coin

The Royal Canadian Mint is famed for its engineering excellence in coin minting producing beautiful coins with exquisite designs.  The coins of Canada are well-known because of their overall appeal whether they are circulating coins, collectible or numismatic coins, or bullion coins.

In May 2007, the mint showed off its minting excellence once again with the launching of the million-dollar gold maple leaf coin. The bullion coin weighs 100 kilograms, with a diameter and thickness of 50 cm and 3 cm respectively.  It contains 99.999% pure gold—an amount of gold fineness in coins that no other bullion coins outside Canada contain.  

The 100 kg gold Canadian maple leaf was mainly a promotional product to give the Canadian mint a higher international profile and to advertise their new line of 99.999% pure gold 1 oz. Canadian maple leaf coins.  

Canadian maple leaf gold coin price

The Canadian maple gold coin price is primarily derived from the intrinsic value (per ounce) of gold. An additional amount is added (for manufacturing and distribution costs) to the value of gold to come up with the coin’s market price. To know the most current gold coin values, consult your bullion coin dealer or visit dealer websites. 

Blanchard and Company, Inc., for example, posts updated bullion prices from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.