American gold coins list

List of all US gold coins, collectible American gold coins, US gold bullion, gold commemorative coins in the USA

American numismatic gold coins available in the coin market today are the remaining specimens of the historic US gold coinage.

In 1933, during the Great Depression, all gold coins were removed from circulation. Just like other rare gold coins, the value of the US gold coins are based on the year it was minted, its rarity, and its numismatic grade.

US gold coin inventory

Regular issue American gold coins

These US gold coins were minted from 1849 to 1933.

$1 gold coins

The one dollar gold piece is the smallest denomination of the American gold coinage. 

•    $1 Liberty Head Type I (1849-1854)
•    $1 Indian Head Type II (1854-1856)
•    $1 Indian Head Type III (1856-1889)

$2.50 Quarter Eagles

These 2.50 dollar gold coins were minted in several types. Their face values are inscribed as “2 ½”, or the quarter fraction of the Eagles or $10 gold US coins. 

•    Capped Bust to Right Quarter Eagle (1796-1807)
•    Capped Bust to Left Quarter Eagle (1808)
•    Capped Head to Left Quarter Eagle (1821-1834)
•    Classic Head Quarter Eagle (1834-1839)
•    Liberty Head Quarter Eagle (1840-1907)
•    Indian Head Quarter Eagle (1908-1929)

$3 Gold coin

The three dollar gold coins had similar Indian Head design as the one 1 dollar gold coins.

•    Indian Princess (1854-1889)

$4 Gold coin 

The Stella gold coin or the four dollar gold piece had two designs simultaneously minted. 

•    Flowing Hair (1879)
•    Coiled Hair (1879)
•    Flowing Hair (1880)
•    Coiled Hair (1880)

5 Half Eagles gold coin

The 5 dollar gold coin had the most design types among the American gold coins.

•    Capped Bust to Right Small Eagle Half Eagle (1795-1798)
•    Capped Bust to Right Large Eagle Half Eagle (1795-1807)
•    Capped Bust to Left Half Eagle (1807-1812)
•    Capped Head to Left Large Size Half Eagle (1813-1829)
•    Capped Head to Left Small Size Half Eagle (1829-1834)
•    Classic Head Half Eagle (1834-1838)
•    Liberty Half Eagle (1839-1908)
•    Indian Head Half Eagle (1908-1929)

$10 Eagles gold coin

The different designs of the10 dollar gold coin included the Indian Head design by Augustus St. Gaudens, the same person who created the 1907 Double Eagles gold coin.

•    Capped Bust Small Eagle (1795-1797)
•    Capped Bust Large Eagle (1797-1804)
•    Liberty Head Eagle (1838-1907)
•    Indian Head Eagle (1907-1933)

$20 Double Eagles coin

Earlier design types of the 20 dollar gold coin had a face value inscribed as “Twenty d.” When the 1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle gold coin was introduced, the inscription was changed to “Twenty dollars”. The twenty dollar gold coins have long been considered the most-loved American rare coin

•    Liberty Double Eagle (1849-1907)
•    Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1907-1933)

US commemorative gold coins

There are also American gold commemorative coins minted between 1903 and 1926. All the US commemorative gold coins were minted to highlight special events. 

$1 Louisiana Purchase Exposition gold coin (1903 to1904)

The 1 dollar Louisiana Exposition gold commemorative coin had two obverse designs.

•    McKinley bust (1903)
•    Jefferson bust (1903)

$1 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition gold coin (1904 to 1905)

Each side of the Lewis and Clark commemorative gold coin had heads: one side featured William Clark, the other side Meriwether Lewis. 

$1 Panama Pacific Exposition gold dollar (1915)

The Panama Pacific gold dollar was minted together with other denominations of the Panama Exposition commemorative gold coin series.

$2.50 Panama Pacific gold coin (1915)

The Panama Pacific quarter eagles gold coins depicted Columbia, the female representation of America, perched at the back of a mythical seahorse. 

$50 Panama Pacific gold coin 

•    Round (1915)
•    Octagonal (1915)

$1 McKinley memorial gold coins (1916 to 1917)

President McKinley was memorialized in another commemorative gold coin, the McKinley memorial gold dollar coins. 

$1 Ulysses S. Grant gold dollars (1922)

The Ulysses Grant commemorative gold dollar came in two issues

•    With star on obverse
•    Without star on obverse

$ 2.50 United States Sesquicentennial gold coins (1926)

The sesquicentennial quarter eagle gold coins were made in honor of the 150th founding anniversary of the United States of America. 

American gold bullion coins 

Even if the US gold bullion coins have face values, their real values are based on the spot price of gold. 

American Eagles gold coin

The 22-karat American gold eagle bullion coin has a face value of 50 dollars. Its obverse is copied from the 1907 double eagles designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens.

American Gold Buffalo

The obverse and reverse designs of the 24-karat Buffalo gold coin were copied after the 1913 Buffalo 5-cent nickels. 

First spouse gold coins

The 24-karat First spouse gold coins were first released in 2007. First spouse gold bullion coins have a face value of $10. They featured former First Ladies on the obverse.