Coin collecting articles

2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin

Presenting the 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin, which is amazingly stuck in 24 karat pure gold, featuring half dollar denomination.

New Year's Coin of Austria

For the fourth year running, The Mint of Austria released their popular New Year Coin. Austria's popular New Year’s Coin launched.

Is buying gold coins a good investment?

The fact that you should invest your money becomes obvious when you have managed to save a larger sum. Unfortunately, the investment market has been rather unsure lately.

Mutual funds investing in gold bullion

When it comes to mutual funds investing in gold bullion, it is extremely helpful to know your options. Not all mutual funds or sources of investment into gold bullion may immediately be obvious.

Coin collecting supplies

Coin collector supplies can be nice gifts for numismatists friends: best coin collector software, albums, storage boxes, coins collection books

Indian Head Quarter and Half Eagles

The primary benefit to the Indian Head quarter and half eagles as investment assets lies in their relative widespread availability and reasonable price.

American platinum eagles

Numismatic article on the .999 fine platinum bullion coins of the American Eagles program of the United States Mint. Read about the use of the platinum American eagle coins to fund US retirement plans. Know their different face values and denominations.

California gold coins

Numismatic article on the fractional gold coins privately minted during the gold rush. Read how the fractional gold pieces were used as money in the California boomtowns. Know the different denominations and interesting shapes of the California gold coins

History of Canadian coins

History of Canadian coins numismatic article about foreign and international coins like Canadian coins. Learn about the history of Canadian dollar coins and the developments of Canada coinage. Know about the changes of Queen Elizabeth II portraits on Canada coin money.

British coin collecting

A numismatic article that talks about the basics in collecting world coins from UK. Determine what coins to collect such as British gold coins, rare antique English coins and more

History of Mexican coins

A numismatic article that talks about the development of Mexican coinage. Know the history of Mexico by tracing the history of its currency. Discover more about the Mexican peso.

Collecting Mexican coins

Numismatic article about Mexican coin collecting. Explore Mexico by collecting Mexican coins. Discover that the Mexican mint was the first coin mint established in the Americas.

What are Canadian coins made of?

A numismatic article on the intrinsic composition and magnetic qualities of a Canadian coin. Learn which Canadian coin sticks to the magnet.

Chinese spade coins

This early form of currency became the foundation of succeeding coins minted in China. Read this old coins collecting guide into the different types of spade money that was used in ancient China.

US coins collecting basics

Numismatic guide on American coins. US coins history: Read about the origins of the US Mint. Know the features of the US coins.

Presidential dollars

Numismatic article about new dollar coins released by the United States Mint. Learn why they are called the “godless dollars”.

Wheat Pennies

Numismatic article on Lincoln wheat cent. Know the error coins in the production of wheat pennies that collectors still sought after. Discover the reason behind its unique and first of its kind design that commemorated a special part of the US history

Susan B Anthony coin

Numismatic article on the US dollar coin released in 1979 to honor Susan B. Anthony, the American suffragist. Know about its reverse that highlights the Apollo 11 mission. Learn why the Anthony coins were pulled out from circulation in 1981.

Celtic coin collecting

Interested in collecting Celtic coins? 4 easy steps on how to collect these valuable coins minted by the ancient Celts

Rare Canadian coins

A coin collecting article about the famous, rarest coins in Canadian numismatics. Learn the history of the most expensive coins from Canada. Know what rare Canadian coins to collect.

Rare British coins

Rare British coins, rare coin collecting guide about the famous English coin rarities online. Know what is deemed the great British numismatic rarity of the 20th century. Learn the history of old UK coins and find out what makes these pieces rare and sought after by numismatists.

Rare American coins

Numismatic article about the valuable and rare American coins. Know the key dates or the coin rarities produced by the US Mint.

British gold coins

Numismatic article about world gold coins from UK. Learn what are the various types of British gold coins. Get to know the official British golf bullion coin and find out why it is considered one of the most famous coins in the world.

Canadian gold coins

An article about bullion world coins like the famous Canadian maple leaf gold coins. Find out why this bullion coin is very famous around the world. Learn how to determine Canadian gold coin prices.

Mexican gold coins

Numismatic article on the rare Mexican coins such as the gold escudo, centenario, libertad, and hidalgo. Learn about the low premium rates of the 50 pesos oro gold coin.

Australian nugget

Numismatic article on Australian gold coins. Know the different kinds of Australian gold nuggets minted by the Perth Mint. Find out the various denominations and intriguing shapes of Australian gold coins

Types of Celtic coins

Essential to Celtic coin collecting is knowing the types of Celtic coins created. Find out the different types of old coins produced by Celt tribes of Western and Central Europe.

Celtic coins features

Celtic coins are well-preserved evidence of Celtic symbology. Read this old coin collecting article that details the widespread figures struck or cast in ancient Celtic coins.

How were ancient Chinese coins made

What techniques did the Chinese used in casting their coins? Read this old coins collecting guide about the production of antique Chinese coins.

Chinese knife money

Cowrie shells, jade pieces and spade moneys are among the earliest form of coinage in China. Read this old coins collecting guide to another form of ancient money based from knife and daggers.

Ancient Chinese coins

Read this old coins collecting guide on the different kinds of coins cast in China since the ancient times. Plus examples of the best coin types in each period of Chinese history.

Facts about Canadian coin

Learn how to start foreign & international coin collecting and begin with Canadian coins. Know more about the significance of Canadian coins to the history and culture of the country.

Where to buy silver coins

Learn where to purchase silver bullion coins. The good places to find silver coin for sale

Ancient Roman gold coin collecting

How to collect Roman gold coins? What are the most popular ancient Roman coins? Learn how to start a collection of gold coins from the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.

Silver coin melt value

Melt value of US Silver coin, Numismatic article about silver coin values of the melted bullions. Even if silver is called the poor man’s gold, it is still a big investment. Coin melt values disregard the numismatic value of coins.

Junk silver coins

Learn how junk US silver coins became scarce. Learn about the Gresham Law, the 1965 Coinage Act, and the survivalists’ point of view on 90% silver dimes.

Silver American eagle coins

This is a coin collecting article on the American Silver eagle bullion coin. Know why Silver American eagles are worthy investments for coin collectors as they are the only US silver coins whose weight and purity are guaranteed by the United States government.

Kookaburra coins

A coin collecting article about kookaburra bullions. Get to know the four sizes of the Australian silver kookaburras. Learn about the different annual silver kookaburra coin designs both in proof and in standard issue.

Collecting antique coins

Learn how to assemble an old coins collection. A must-read guide on antique coin identification and ancient coin collecting ethics. Plus, learn how to make money with old Greek, Roman and other ancient coinage.

History of Roman coins

Numismatic article about the Roman coinage history. Learn about the significance of Roman Caesar coins to the developments of Roman empire currency. Know the difference between Roman imperatorial and republican coins.

Ancient coins of India

Guide on the ancient Indian coins. Read about the ancient rare coins of India. Learn how India’s dynasties patterned their coinage from the Western civilizations and other cultures.

Ancient Greek coins collecting

Interesting facts on how old Greek coins were made. Read about tips in cleaning and identifying ancient coins from Greece.

How were Celtic coins made?

Interested in collecting old Celtic coins? An old coin collecting guide on how British and Gaulish coinages were produced using two ancient coin-making methods.

Krugerrand coin

Numismatic article on the first bullion coin with 1-oz gold content. Learn why the South African Krugerrand is considered legal tender without a face value. Read about the new denominations of the gold Krugerrand.

Philharmoniker gold coin

Numismatic article on the gold bullion coin to commemorate the fame of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Read about the different face values of the Austrian Philharmonic gold coins.

Panda gold coins

Numismatic article on the Chinese panda bullion coins. Know about their different denominations and face values. Learn about their beautiful panda bear designs.

Silver dimes

Numismatic article on how to identify the different kinds of United States silver dime. Learn why the name of the coin indicates the design on the obverse.

Silver coin values

Numismatic article about the factors that determine the silver coin prices. How the rarity, grade, and economic state affect the value of silver coins. Read how to compute the approximate cost of your silver coins.

American silver coins

American silver coins have a fascinating history, and play a major role in most coin collections. The first silver coins produced were "half dismes", and 1,500 were minted the year before the official opening of the U.S. mint.

Sacagawea coin

Numismatic article on the American golden coin as the first U.S. coin minted in the year 2000. Distinguish the mintmarks of the coin. Get familiar with the Sacagawea error coins. Learn why the Sacagawea dollar was produced by the U.S. Mint

American gold coin index

The American gold coins collecting guide. Learn more about the United States gold coinage. This is a roster of the all US gold dollars with their different design types

Gold coins as an investment

Beginners guide on how to invest in gold coins

American gold coin investment

How can I invest in the US gold coin market?

Where can I buy gold coins?

Tips on the best places where you can find collectors gold coins

Where to buy gold bullion coins

Look into the best places to purchase gold bullion coins

Value of gold coins

Learn how to determine gold coin prices and know the difference between gold bullion coins and numismatic gold coin prices

Best American gold coins

What are the top US gold coins to collect? Learn about the different gold coins of the United States commonly called American eagles. Find out what are the different denominations of US gold coins.

Brasher Doubloon

Numismatic article on the Brasher Doubloon. Know the 7 known doubloons that Ephraim Brasher minted, setting intrigues on its design and the purpose of its creation.

Gold coin buying tips & advice

Gold coins have been around since the start of ancient civilization. The precious metal of kings and pharaohs was the primary source of money until the early 20th century.

Fake gold coin detection guide & tips

A counterfeit gold coin has no place in your gold coins collection. Learn about detecting forged gold coins in this coin collecting article guide.

Double Eagle coin

Information on the most famous coin in American coin collecting – the St. Gaudens double eagles. Learn about its lesser known types and various design types of the $20 gold coins.

Spanish Doubloon

Numismatic article about the Spanish gold doubloons that became the model for other gold coins in other European countries. Learn why the Spanish doubloons are not round because of its crude minting process.

Russian gold coins

Numismatic article about the different gold coins from ancient, imperial, and communist periods in Russian history. Learn how the discovery of gold reserves in Russia boomed their gold coin production.

Indian gold coin collecting

A collecting guide for old gold coins from India. Read about the different gold coins from the dynastic eras. Get tips on how to start your Indian gold coin collection.

Gold American Eagle coins

Coins coin collecting article on the 1986 American Eagle gold coin and its bullion and proof versions. Read about its beautiful obverse and reverse designs. Learn the use of American eagle bullion coins to fund a US retirement program.

American Buffalo gold coin

Numismatic article on the 1 oz gold Buffalos – the first .9999 pure gold bullion coins in the US. Read why they are ideal for investment. Learn about the new denominations of the proof and bullion American buffalo gold coins.

First Spouse gold coins

Numismatic article about the $10 gold bullion coins depicting the spouses of American presidents. Read more about the First Spouse Gold Coin Program of the US Mint

What are platinum coins?

Platinum coins are an interesting item for the investor. Though nowhere near as widespread as gold coins, obviously, platinum coins have an exciting history and several countries have produced, popular platinum coins still traded and in circulation today.

Rare coin collecting guide

Investing in collecting rare coins can be a profitable hobby.

Gold coins collecting

Know the basics of collecting gold coins

Top rarest gold coins

What are the most valuable gold coins in the world? Check the price value of the most expensive gold coins ever

Selling rare gold coins

Rare gold coin selling tips; the where & how of selling gold collectible coins

Determining coin values

Learn how to determine the worth of your coins and know about the factors that influence collectible coin values.

Best coin price guide in the market

A list of recommended published and online coin value guides and catalogs.

How to grade coins

Grading coins made easy, learn how to grade collectible coins like a pro. The coin collecting condition is measured by means of a coin grading system or scale.

Values of United States Coins

Learn the values of old coins in the United States

Celtic coin values

A coin collecting article on how to determine the worth of old coins minted by the Celts. Read this guide about the different features that affect the values of Celtic coins.

Chinese coin values

An old coins collecting guide on how to find out the value of ancient & modern coins from China; plus tips on how to effectively use the internet in valuating Chinese coins.

Famous rare coins

Rare, rarest, expensive & valuable coins, find out why rare coins collecting can also be a profitable hobby. Learn how much is the worth of the rarest, most expensive & valuable coins in the numismatic market.

Value for old U.S. coins

Value for Old U.s. Coins differ greatly in terms of the year of minting, the condition of the coin, the composition of the coin, the number of pieces that were released, its aesthetic appearance, and even its popularity.

Wildlife on coins and stamps

Collecting thematic coins & stamps related to wildlife & endangered species

Dropship coins

Learn more about coin drop shipping

What is Coin Toning?

Learn About Natural and Artificial Coin Toning

Investing & collecting memorial coins

Is collecting commemorative coins worth the investment?

Koala Coin

Learn about the different types of Australian Koala bullion coins

What are challenge coins

Military coins are popular among coin collectors and war veterans because of their history and symbol for love of country

What are proof coins?

What are proof coins in numismatics, learn about proof coin values, where to buy proof coin sets

What are error coins?

Learn the definition of a coin error and the different types of mint errors that make many collectible coins valuable to numismatists

Metal detecting coins

How to collect coins by coin shooting?

What types of coins should I invest

Investing in bullion coins or in rare numismatic gold & silver coins?

How to display your coin collection

The most important skill for any passionate coin collector is the skill to display or store the collections properly. Coins should be handled delicately and stored appropriately in order to preserve their quality and quality.

Famous coin collections

Coin collecting article on famous rare coin collections all over the world. Read about some of the renowned rare coin collectors and their popular coin collections. Learn about the value of rare coin collections.

What is a coin collector?

Coins collecting guide: definition and classification of coins collectors and numismatists.

Coin collecting for beginners

A guide in beginning a coin collection: novice coin collectors can start with old coins and ordinary pocket change

Coin collecting for kids

How to start coin collecting for children; learn why collecting coins is a good hobby for kids

Brief history of coin collecting

The beginnings of numismatics – old coins and currency collecting history

Coin collecting software

Computer applications that aid numismatists in their coin grading, numismatic inventory, and organizing coins.

How to collect and maintain your old coins

In this coin collecting guide, learn important things you need to know about how to collect old coins and how to maintain them

Cleaning old coins

Coin collecting guide on how to clean old coins, common coin cleaning methods for copper pennies, and other collectable coins like corroded Roman coins

Coin display cases

Numismatic & coin collecting supplies guide on proper coin display and storage