Coin collecting supplies are must haves for numismatists or coin collectors. For example, coin collecting folders and albums are useful to display and store your collection. Cleaning supplies like tongs and cotton gloves are needed for coin care and maintenance.

Learn about the beginnings of numismatics in this brief coin collecting history. Discover that coins and currency collecting is known to be the oldest hobby in the world. Old coins collectors guide to how collecting coins evolved through time.

Bullion coins are not legal tender coins and they were never intended to be circulated. A bullion coin is struck from precious metal for investment purposes.

Learn how to encourage coin collecting for kids. Starting a collection can be easy and inexpensive. Begin with collecting old coins or ordinary pocket change. Learn more about this hobby for children in this coin collecting guide.

The coin collectors guide for starters. Learn the basics in coin collecting and get acquainted with the numismatic language. Coin collecting for beginners is fun and educational.

What do you call a coin collector? Learn about the different types of coin collectors. Coins collecting guide for numismatists.