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Coin collecting basics

Articles and tips for new coin collectors about the basics of numismatics. Read about coin collecting for kids and beginners, learn what type of coins to collect. Go in depth about history of coin collecting.

Coin Investing

How to make money with your coin collections? We have informative coin collecting guide and advice for beginners on how to invest in numismatic coins, silver or gold and also in bullion.

Value of coins

How much is my coin collection worth? Read guides about how to determine the value of old coins here. Get information on coin grading and the coin price guide. Know about the old US coin values.

Rare coins

Here are articles that give answers to your questions like "what are the rare and valuable coins in the world?" Read more information about rare coin collections.

Gold coins

How to collect and make money in buying gold coins? Check our coin collecting and investing guide & learn how to collect, invest, buy, sell numismatic gold coins and gold bullion.

Silver coins

How to collect silver coins? How to know the value of silver coins? Check our section about silver coin collecting, junk silver coin value, how to detect buried silver coins, etc.

Ancient coin collecting

Learn about the ancient Greek coins, Roman coins, Celtic coins, Byzantine coins, and other antique gold and silver coins of the bygone eras. Get tips on what old coins to collect & learn how to clean your ancient coin collection.

World coin collecting

Coins make the world go round! This is the coin collectors guide on foreign coin identification and their values. Information on British, Canadian, Asian, European, and African coin collecting and numismatic history.

United States coin collecting

Everything you need to know about American dimes and dollars. Information on US numismatics and the American coinage guide. Learn about the history of US coins and the American bullion coins value.

Latest Articles

2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin

Presenting the 2016-W Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin, which is amazingly stuck in 24 karat pure gold, featuring half dollar denomination.

New Year's Coin of Austria

For the fourth year running, The Mint of Austria released their popular New Year Coin. Austria's popular New Year’s Coin launched.

Is buying gold coins a good investment?

The fact that you should invest your money becomes obvious when you have managed to save a larger sum. Unfortunately, the investment market has been rather unsure lately.

Mutual funds investing in gold bullion

When it comes to mutual funds investing in gold bullion, it is extremely helpful to know your options. Not all mutual funds or sources of investment into gold bullion may immediately be obvious.

Coin collecting supplies

Coin collector supplies can be nice gifts for numismatists friends: best coin collector software, albums, storage boxes, coins collection books

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The hobby of numismatic is the collecting or trading of coins or legally minted currency. Most of the collectible coins ( coin collector coins, numismatic coins, rare coins ) include those that were circulating for a short time, for example, error coins & as well as historically interesting coins. The coin collecting hobby can be differentiated from numismatics in that the latter is the study of currency, though both are obviously closely related.

Collecting and trading coins has long been popular, and with the now common use of the internet, makes it easier and quicker. Some collectors specialise in a particular type of coin (e.g. gold), whilst some prefer a specific currency. Many collectors purely do it for the enjoyment rather than to make money.

In our guide section, we have numerous numismatic articles, info, tips & advice answering the most frequent asked questions about coin investments & collecting, beginners, kids & confirmed coins collectors will find numismatic information in various coin topics that will help them to build a larger & better coin collection that can become in the end a profitable investment.

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