World coin collecting

Learn how to collect world coins, identification, foreign coins values, British & Canadian coin collecting guide

World coins collecting guide

Facts about Canadian coins

An article about Canadian coins where are the Canadian money coins minted, what does a Canadian coin look like, and more. Discover what is a loonie and a toonie in the Canada currency. Learn how to start collecting world coins such as Canadian coins.

History of Canadian coins

World coin collecting guide, learn more about the history of Canadian coin money.  Get to know the monarchs featured on the Canada currency from the 1900s to the present. Discover the beginnings of the Canadian dollar.

Rare Canadian coins

Article about the famous & rarest coins in Canadian numismatics. Learn the history about the most expensive coins from Canada.

Canadian gold coins

World coin collecting guide about Canadian gold coins.  Learn what is the Canadian maple leaf gold coin and why it is a very famous bullion coin. Know where to find current Canadian gold coin prices.

Rarest English coins

Numismatic article that lists down rare foreign coins from UK. Learn about the different types of British coin rarities and find out why the British 1933 penny is famed as the great numismatic rarity of the 20th century.

British coin collecting

Foreign coin collecting guide about how to start and maintain a collection of English coins.  Learn some tips in organizing British coin collectibles. Know what types of UK coins to collect: English gold coins, old British coins, etc.

Spanish doubloons

World coin collecting article on the gold dubloon coins circulated in Spain and in her colonies. Read how the doubloons were used in the galleon trade.

British gold coins

World coin collecting guide, learn the different types of gold coins in the English coinage history.  Know what is a Gold Sovereign, Britannia coins, and other modern and early English gold coins.

History of Mexican coins

Foreign coin collecting guide about the history of Mexican currency.  Learn about the beginnings and developments of Mexico’s monetary system and how it has developed to Mexican peso.

Mexican coins

International coin collecting guide about how to start a collection of Mexican coins.  Know what is the Mexican silver Libertad and discover why the Mexican 50 peso gold coin is popular. Learn how to store and display your collection of world coins from Mexico.

What are Canadian coins made of?

Coin collecting guide on the composition of Canadian coins. Learn why magnets attract Canadian loonies, nickels, and other coins.

Indian gold coin collecting

Read about the ancient gold coinage in India from thousands of centuries ago. Tips on how to collect old coins of India. Read about the different ancient old coins from the Indian subcontinent.

Ancient Indian coins collecting

Guide on the old and rare dynastic coins from India. Read about the punchmarked tokens up to the coins minted by the different Indian empires. Know about the cultural and religious influences of India’s ancient coinage.

Ancient Greek coinage system

Tips on how to start your old Greek coin collection. Read about the history of the Greek coinage. Identify ancient Greek coins and learn how to clean them properly.

Antique Chinese coin production

Ancient China had developed an ingenious coin making process. Read this world coin collecting guide to the practices and techniques employed by ancient Chinese in minting coins.

Knife coinages of China

Before round Chinese coins, there was a variety of currencies ranging from jade pieces to knife moneys. Read this world coin collecting guide to the different types of knife coins circulated in ancient China.

Spade currency of ancient China

A world coin collecting article on the different types of Chinese spade moneys. Read how they are classified by their forms and designs.

Antique Chinese coins

A world coin collecting article on the history, development and the many types of ancient Chinese coins.

Self appraise Chinese coins

A world coin collecting article detailing the steps followed by appraisers to set a monetary value on ancient and modern Chinese coins.