Coin value guide

How do I find the value of old coins & bullions? An easy guide for beginners.

Determining coin values

How much my old coins are worth? learn more about coin appraisal & the factors that influence the value of your coins.

How to grade coins

Learn about the coin grading scale & how the condition of your coin will influence on its value. What are the basic tools necessary to use the 70 point coin grading system or Sheldon Scale

Info on coin price guide

What are the reputable coin price guide in the coin collecting world. Check our list of popular published and online coin value guides & coin pricing catalogs.

Value of bullion vs rare coins

What kind of coins should I invest in? Find out the pros & cons about investing in bullion coins or numismatic collectors coins.

Gold coin value

How to determine the worth of your gold coins. A must-read guide in determining gold coin values. Learn about the two types of gold coins you can collect. Learn the basics in trading your gold coin for profit.

American gold coins value

What are the value of US gold coins? Learn how to determine the worth of your gold coins, the dynamics of the gold coin market & the reason why numismatists & investors like American gold coins.

Investing in gold coins

How to invest in gold coin? the increasing value of gold coins makes them ideal for investment. Learn how to start investing in gold coins & which golden coin to collect.

Values of United States Coins

How to determine the worth of American coins? US coins are evolving every year for the past decades. Possible threats have surfaced but it has proven its strength.

How to find the value of Celtic coins

How much are Celtic coins worth? Find out the factors that affect the value of coins minted by the Ancient British and Gaulish Celts.

Chinese coin values

How to determine the value of a Chinese coin? Become an expert Chinese coin pre-appraiser by following this step-by-step guide on how to the value of coins, ancient and modern, minted in China.