United States coin collecting

Easy guide in how to collect American coins

Unites States Coin Collecting

Value for Old U.S. Coins

Differ greatly in terms of the year of minting, the condition of the coin, the composition of the coin, the number of pieces.

Golden American Eagles coins

Coin collecting article on the 1986 American Eagle gold coin and its bullion and proof versions. Read about its beautiful obverse and reverse designs. Learn the use of American eagle bullion coins to fund a US retirement program.

Silver American eagle coins

Learn about the most popular US silver coins. Learn how coin collectors and dealers get the American Silver eagle bullions in proof and business strikes.  Know about the beautiful design of this US silver bullion by Adolph Weinman in this coin collecting guide.

American platinum eagles

US coins collectors guide on the official bullion coin of the United States. Learn about their different face values and denominations. Know more about the annual new design of the platinum American eagle proof and reverse proof coins.

History of United States coin collecting

Guide on the collectible US coins. Learn how the dollar coins originated. Learn about the numismatic, bullion, and commemorative American coins.

Presidential dollars

U.S coin collecting guide about the new US dollar coins released in 2007. Read about the “In God We Trust” controversy on the new gold-colored one dollar coins.

Sacagawea coin

Learn more about the Sacagawea golden dollar the 2000 United States coin. Know the composition of the Sacagawea coin. Be acquainted with value of a Sacagawea gold dollar coin.

First spouse gold coins

Numismatic article about the $10 gold bullion coins depicting the spouses of American presidents. Read more about the First Spouse Gold Coin Program of the US Mint.

Rare American coins

Collecting guide on the key dates of the US coinage. Learn more about the American coin rarities. Read about the rarest coins from the US Mint.

Wheat pennies

Coin collecting article on wheat backs. Learn about the first portrait designed American one-cent coin and why coin collectors are drawn to getting a handful of them. Read about scarcest and most valuable wheat penny there is.

Best American gold coins

What are the most popular numismatic gold coins in the United States? Learn about the top US gold coins & their different denominations.

Susan B. Anthony coin

Collecting guide on the 1979 dollar coins in honor of the American women’s right advocate Susan B. Anthony. Learn why the production of Anthony dollars was terminated by the US Mint. Read about the most collected varieties of the Sussies.

Half doubloon

The only existing specimen now lives in the Smithsonian’s Numismatic Collection. Being a great part of the United States coin collecting, Brasher’s half doubloon takes its rightful place among them.

American gold coins investing

How to invest in US gold coins? Learn how to make money in your American gold coin investment.

American silver coins

Read about the history of US silver coins and learn what is its major role in the present coin collecting hobby.