Silver coins

Silver coin collecting guide, detecting & buying silver coins, determining silver coin values, military & ancient silver coins, etc.

Silver coin collecting guide

Silver coin melt value

Silver coin melt value is higher than the actual face value of the coin.  This is disturbing because coins are supposed be valued.

Junk Silver coins

Learn why US and Canadian junk silver coins are a better investment compared to silver bars. Learn how to compute the silver dimes’ values.

Where to buy silver coins?

This collecting guide tells you the venues for buying silver coins. Learn about silver coin shops, coin brokers, mail order coins, plus other tips in where to purchase silver bullion coins.

Silver eagle coins

Learn more about the American Silver eagle bullion. Know why Silver American eagles are worthy investments for coin collectors as they are the only US silver coins are guaranteed by the United States government.

Kookaburra silver coins

Numismatic guide on the silver Australian Kookaburra bullions. Differentiate a Kookaburra proof coin from the standard-issue.

Silver dimes

Collecting guide on the history of United States silver dime. Learn about the different kinds of American silver dimes.

Silver coin values & prices

Coin collecting guide about how to determine the worth of silver coins. Read about the factors that drive the prices of silver coins. Know the two types of silver coins available in the market. Know how to compute the approximate price of silver coins.

American silver coins

Read and learn about the history of the first US silver coins and what were the first silver coins ever produced.