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Rare coin collecting guide, determining famous rare coins

Liberty 1803 rare coin

Famous rare coins

Learn about the world’s most expensive famous rare coins and their rare coin values. This famous coin collection article will present the interesting histories of the most valuable collectable coins in numismatics.

Famous coin collections

Rare coins collecting guide about the most important coins collections in the world; get to know the popular collectors who are into rare coins collecting. Also learn about the value the famous coin collections.

Rare coin collecting guide

Know if investing in rare collector coins are worth it. Learn how to collect rare coins and the important attributes to look for in a rare coin in this collecting guide.

Rare Canadian coins

Foreign coin collecting guide about the rarest Canadian coins. Discover what Canada’s most valuable rare coins are.  Know about the history of Canadian coins with limited mintage. Find out what makes a 1911 Canadian silver dollar an expensive numismatic piece.

Rare British coins

Rare coin collecting guide about the famous English coin rarities online.  Know what is deemed the great British numismatic rarity of the 20th century.  Learn the history of old UK coins and find out what makes these pieces rare and sought after by numismatists.

Rarest gold coins in the world

What are the most valuable gold coins in the market? Check our list of the most famous & expensive gold coins & find out how much they are worth.

United States rare coins

Read about the rarest coins from the US Mint. Know the key dates or the American coin rarities produced by the US Mint.

Top rare American gold coins

What are the most popular rare US gold coins? Check our list of the best American gold coins to buy & collect.

Brasher Doubloon

The charisma of this highly unique American coin is all significant down to the powerful history of its creator that influenced the formation of the US’s coinage system. It is gravely regarded as America’s most famous rare coin collection.