How to collect & invest in gold coins

Easy gold coin investing & collecting guide for beginners

Gold coin collecting, gold bullion investment

Gold coin investment basics

Gold coins as an investment

How to make money with gold coins? Learn how to protect your finances in times of recession by investing in gold coins.

Value of gold coins

How to determine the value of a gold coin? Learn the difference between gold bullion & numismatic gold coins, and how to find their worth.

How to buy gold coins?

Basic guide for new gold coin investors & collectors in how to purchase golden coins, learn what are the good deals in buying gold bullion & numismatic gold coins.

What are the different American gold coins

Check our list of the most popular American gold coins: Numismatic gold coins (American gold collector coins), US gold bullion, gold commemorative coins in the USA.

Where to buy gold bullion coins?

Get ideas on the places where to get the best deals on gold bullion coinage for sale online from other countries.

Rarest gold coins

What are the most expensive numismatic gold coins in the world? List of the most valuable classic gold coinage and their estimated prices& values.

How to sell rare gold coins?

Learn tips on how to sell gold collectible coins for cash.

Numismatic gold coin collecting

Gold coin collecting

How to collect gold coins? An easy step-by-step guide in how to start investing & collecting numismatic gold coins.

Where to buy numismatic gold coins?

Find out that the most practical place to buy gold coins is online. There are other places to purchase collectors gold coins that also have their advantages.

How to detect fake gold coins

An easy guide in how to find out if a golden coin is a counterfeit. Learn the characteristic of a fake gold coin.

Ancient Roman gold coin collecting

How to collect antique Roman coins? Introduction to Roman coins & info for new collectors.

Foreign & American numismatic gold coins (World gold coins inventory)

How to invest in American numismatic gold coins

How to make money in collecting US gold coins? Learn about how to invest in American gold coins & the characteristic of US numismatic golden coin market.

American numismatic gold coins

What kind of US gold coins to collect? Check out what are the American gold coins you can put in your gold coin collection.

St. Gaudens gold coin

What are the different types of the famous double eagle coins? Learn more about this American numismatic gold coin that every US coin collectors are dreaming to have in their collection.

American Brasher doubloon

What are the 7 remaining specimen of the rarest gold American coins? Learn more about this American numismatic rarity.

California gold coins

What are fractional gold coins? Learn more about these amazing gold coins minted in California by gold rush miners from 1852 to the early 20th century.

English gold coins

What are the different types of British gold coins? Learn more about English gold coinage & check our inventory of the most popular English golden coins.

Spanish Doubloons

Where the gold doubloon come from?  Learn more about this famous gold coin minted in Spain during the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela.

Russian gold coins

What are the different types of gold coins we can find in Russia? Learn more about Russian gold coinage & check our list of popular golden Russian coins.

Gold coins from India

How to collect golden Indian coin? An easy guide in how to start a gold Indian coin collection. Check our list of famous collectible Indian golden coins.

Gold bullion by country

Gold American Eagles coins

Learn more about the official gold bullion of the American eagle coin program of the United States Mint & the different face values and their corresponding gold contents.

American Buffalo gold coin

Introduction & info about US Buffalo gold bullion, the first 24-k gold coin by the US Mint.

Gold first spouse coins

Learn more about investing in the first spouse gold bullion of the US Mint that honors the American presidents' spouses.

Canadian maple leaf gold bullion coins

Information about investing in Canadian bullion gold coins. Learn more about the history, anatomy, design & value of the Canadian maple gold bullion.

Mexican gold bullion coins

Investing guide on the different types of gold bullion coins from Mexico. Learn about the colorful history behind the centenario de oro, the diez, cinco & veinte pesos gold Mexican bullion.

Australian nugget

Information on how to invest on the Australian gold bullion. Learn about the different designs & denominations of gold bullion coins from the Perth Mint of Australia.

Krugerrand gold coin

Investor guide & info on the 22-k gold bullion coin from South Africa. Learn about the different denominations of the gold Kruggerand bullion.

Philharmoniker gold bullion

Learn more about the Austrian gold bullion, a commemorative golden coin in honor of the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Panda gold bullion

Coin investing guide & information on the famous panda Chinese gold bullion. Learn more about its legal tender, different sizes & face values.

Gold is known as one of the most frequently traded metals because it has always been considered a safe haven investment that has never been subject to fluctuations of any major currency.

Fortunately, investing in gold is a viable option for private investors worldwide who are looking to take advantage of this safe haven asset.

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This article is about: Information, advice, tips, guidance, instruction & techniques about how to buy & invest in gold coins. Are gold coins safe investments, which gold coin to buy? Finally, are gold coins good investments, and are they worth what you pay for them.

Basically, how can I make money in buying or collecting numismatic gold coins & bullion coins? What is the list of foreign & American gold coins. Where can I find an index, inventory & list of all the collectible gold coins & gold bullion in the world. How do I start my gold coin collection. Is it worth to invest in golden coins.