Coin collecting basics

Guide, advice, tips for beginners who want to start collecting coins

What is a coin collector?

What do you call a coin collector? Learn about the different types of coin collectors. Coins collecting guide for numismatists.

Starting a coin collection

The coin collectors guide for starters. Learn the basics in coin collecting and get acquainted with the numismatic language. Coin collecting for beginners is fun and educational.

Coin collecting for kids

Learn how to encourage coin collecting for kids.  Starting a collection can be easy and inexpensive.  Begin with collecting old coins or ordinary pocket change.  Learn more about this hobby for children in this coin collecting guide.

Brief coin collecting history

Learn about the beginnings of numismatics in this brief coin collecting history.  Discover that coins and currency collecting is known to be the oldest hobby in the world. Old coins collectors guide to how collecting coins evolved through time.

Coin collecting supplies

Coins collectors guide about the best numismatic supplies & coin collecting kit available in the market.  Find out what coin collector supplies a numismatist needs for his collection: coin holders, coin collecting books, albums, and more.

Coin collecting software

Coin collecting guide on computer applications for coin collectors. Know the basic features of the coin database. Read about the importance of coin software in organizing a numismatic collection. Learn about free coin collecting software you can download from the internet.

Old coin collecting and maintenance

Old coins are expensive to collect. Find out here how to get started in vintage coin collecting in a fun way. Learn the tips on how to take care and maintain the quality of old coins in your collection.

Cleaning old coins

Coin collecting may include how to clean your coins. Cleaning old coins in your collection is not often the first choice you would want to choose.

Coin display case

Coin display cases are a perfect way for you to keep your coins as bright as a new penny. People love collecting just about anything as a hobby.

Wildlife on coins and stamps

Wildlife on coins and stamps are popular illustrations and engravings that depict the flora and fauna of a certain country.

Dropship coins

Dropship coins are coins you buy from a retailer and they purchase your order to a wholesaler who then sends the order directly to you.

Coin toning

Discover the natural and artificial way to tone a coin. Know why coins naturally “change” color with age. Learn how coin graders judge a beautiful rainbow toned coin in this collecting guide.

Commemorative coins collecting

Appreciate the cause of a commemorative coin program from different countries. Understand why memorial coins are priced higher than their face value. Learn the experts’ view on investing memorial bullions and the types of commemorative coins in this coin collecting guide.

Koala coin

Learn about the Australian Koala bullions. Read about the bullions’ specifications and know why they are becoming a popular numismatics piece. Check out some of its annual wildlife design series in this coin collection guide.

What are challenge coins?

Learn about collecting challenge coins. Know the challenge coin history. Read about the different names for military challenge coins and the coin challenge rules in this guide.

What are proof coins

Coin collectors guide about proof coins and proof sets. Discover what makes a proof coin unique from circulated coin money. Learn about proof coin values and find out whether proofs make good investment.

What is an error coin?

Numismatics: learn about the definition of coin errors and how these mint mistakes occur. Discover the types of mint errors in this coin collecting guide.

Metal detecting coins

Also called coin shooting or coin digging. Learn how to find coins using a metal detector. Know the proper way to retrieve a coin buried on the ground from this old coins collectors guide.

Bullions coins vs. numismatic coins

Guide in comparing bullion coin investments and rare coin investments. Know the benefits of silver and gold bullion coins from rare coin collections in the numismatic market.

Start a Celtic coin collection

Ancient Celtic coins are treasure trove of different the surrealist and symbolic art of the ancient Celts. Read this coin collecting guide for beginners on antique Celtic coins.

What are platinum coins

Learn about the history of platinum coins and get to know what are the most popular types of platinum coins that are good for collecting

How to display your coin collection

Displaying coins can be a challenge, read this article on how to display them and know the different tools that will help you.

How to begin a coin collection? Tips & advice on how to start collecting coins. Coin guide on how to collect coins for new collectors, beginners & newbie numismatists. Rare coin collecting is a profitable hobby. Step by step guide & advice to begin collecting old, ancient, rare numismatic coins. Instruction for beginners & kids who want to collect coins.