Ancient coin collecting

Collector guide for ancient coins, antique Roman coins, old Greek, Celtic & Byzantine coin

antique roman coins, old coins from antiquity

Ancient coins collecting

Learn how to assemble an old coins collection. A must-read guide on antique coin identification and ancient coin collecting ethics. Plus, learn how to make money with old  Greek, Roman and other ancient coinage.

History of Roman coins

Ancient coin collecting guide to the history of Roman currency.  Travel back to Rome’s early civilization to learn about the Roman Republican coinage and the coins of the Roman Empire. Discover what aureus, denarius.

Celtic coin collecting

These ancient coins are numismatic treasures and priced collectibles. Start your own collection of antique coins cast or struck by different Celtic tribes throughout Europe.

Ancient Roman gold coins

Numismatic article about gold coins from the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.  Find out what is the main imperatorial gold coin from the early and late Imperial Rome.

Ancient gold coins of India

Read about collecting antique gold coins from India during the dynastic periods. Know why rare Indian gold coins have lower coin prices compared to other rare coins.

Ancient coins of India

Information on Indian ancient coins. Read about the ancient Indian coins from bygone kingdoms. Know about the characteristics of each dynastic coin. Learn how other cultures have influenced the ancient Indian coinage.

Ancient Greek coins collecting

Information on how Greek coins were made. Interesting facts about the old Greek coin history. Know how to clean your ancient Greek coins.

How were Celtic coins made

Ancient Celtic coin collecting requires a deep understanding on how the coins were made. Read this article and understand how these beautiful antique coins of the Celts were produced with simple tools and innovation.

Types of Celtic coins

Ancient coins produced by Celtics are numismatic wonders because of their diversity. Read this ancient coin collecting guide on the different varieties of Celtic coins.

Celtic coins features

An ancient coin collecting guide to the common signs and symbols imprinted on ancient coins minted by different Celtic tribes of Western and Central Europe.

Celtic coin values

An ancient coin collecting guide on how to determine the value of Celtic coins. Find out how condition, rarity and demand influence the final worth of coins produced by the ancient Celts.

How were ancient Chinese coins made

An ancient coin collecting guide to the methods used by Chinese moneyer to produce their coins. Plus information on the development of coin casting techniques.

Chinese knife money

An ancient coin collecting guide on the peculiar Chinese coinage based from knives. Learn of the different types of knife coins used as a form of currency in ancient China.

Chinese spade coins

Before the use of round cash coins, spade money was the main currency in ancient China. Read this ancient coins article about the Chinese coinage based from weeding tools.

Ancient Chinese coins info

For more than three thousand years, China has been casting coins of different sizes and shapes. Read this ancient coin collecting articles about the development of Chinese coins.