Oceania coins

New Zealand Mint

New Zealand Mint specialise in Gold and Silver investment coins and bars and sells physical allocated bullion, world coins, JVP investment, new release.
New Zealand Post Coins

New Zealand Post is the exclusive issuer of New Zealand legal tender commemorative coins, in partnership with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Official New Zealand coins mint site of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The Reserve Bank is the sole supplier of New Zealand banknotes and coins.
Numista.com - Fiji coins

List of Fiji coins, presented with pictures, descriptions and more useful information: metal, size, weight, date, mintage.
Reserve Bank of Fiji

Official Fiji coins mint site of the Reserve Bank of Fiji. The RBF acts as the central bank of the Republic of Fiji.
Currency World

Australian coins online newspaper dedicated to bringing you all of the latest numismatic news as well as general interest articles relating to coins, bank notes and world rarities and collectables.
The Tasmanian Numismatic Society

Australian coins collector club site that was formed in 1963 to enable coin, medal and papermoney collectors in Tasmania to regularly meet and study the hobby and science of numismatics.
Coin Collection Wizard

A software developer from Australia with Australian coins software used to record and track personal coin collections.

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