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Coin grading services list of coin grading companies & online coin graders where your collectibles can receive coin grades in order to determine their coin values.

Coin price guide resources for coin prices online, browse our list of coin pricing websites, appraise your coin collection by determining the market value of your coins.

Coin appraisal online directory of companies offering coin appraisals, free old coin appraisal. Determine your coin values by using the services of online coin appraisers.

Graded coins – A collectable coin with a grade is generally priced higher than a coin without a grade.  Consequently, a higher-graded coin will be paid at a premium

Coin values

Learn about coin grading services and how to determine the worth of your coins

The price or value of your coins is dependent on several factors.  One very important factor to consider in determining coin values is the condition of the coin also known as the coin grade.

Coin grading

Coin grading is the process of evaluating the condition or state of a collectable coin by looking into the amount and type of damage and wear (e.g. scratches or hairlines) you can find on a coin surface, the quality of the coin strike (weak strikes bear hardly visible coin design), the luster or shine of the coin, and its overall appeal.

The process should be done by a professional coin grader and authenticator for a grade to be considered reliable and acceptable to numismatists. A 70-point Sheldon scale is used by many coin graders as a grading standard with P-1 as the lowest or of poor quality and MS-70 as the highest.

Graded coins are usually sold and paid at a premium or higher than non-graded coins.

Pre-grading your coins

You can also practice grading coins your self.  Basic coin collecting supplies to be used in the process are coin loupes with 5x to 7x magnifying power (expert graders use up to 10x magnification), a halogen lamp, a flashlight, coin gloves, and coin tongs.

Coin appraisal

Coin appraisal is the method of determining a coin’s worth in the market. Just like coin grading, only certified professionals should perform coin appraisal services because it requires sufficient amount of knowledge, skills, experience, and intuition to come up with the most accurate and realistic coin price.

You may find offers such as online coin pricing in coin collecting websites.  Pricing through the web can be done by sending the appraiser a photo and description of the coin that a collector wants to be valued.

This may often sound convenient at first but even appraisers themselves would prefer that coins are valued personally to assure accuracy and to save more time.

Coin price guides and the coin collecting market

Any type of coin collector and coin dealer needs coin price guides not only to know the current value of collectable coins, but also to study the trends of the numismatic market.

Compare coin prices from various online price guides and printed coin catalogs.  Evaluate the changes of coin prices from the previous years to the current year.  These are just few ways to analyze the factors that affect and influence coin values.

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