Antique coins

Old Money

Antique coin dealer of ancient numismatics merchandise including coins, artifacts and some literature.
New World Treasures

Specializes in the sales of rare authentic Spanish coins, Spanish colonial coins, shipwreck treasure coins, shipwreck artifacts, and ancient coin jewelry.
KJC Coins

A renowned antique coin dealer, based in Sydney, that sells rare coins of all sorts, with a large collection of Australian coins. Also has ancient coins and artifacts for sale.
Forvm Ancient Coins

Antique coin dealer that offers ancient Roman coins, Byantine coins, classical numismatics with hundreds of coins over 1000 years old in a huge online coin catalog.
Barry & Darling Ancient Coins

One of the first web only ancient coin dealers on the Internet and have been in business since 1996 offering value priced ancient coins and antiquities.
Ancient Imports

An impressive antique coin dealer site of ancient coins and antiques with a vast inventory for sale.
Ancient Coins Canada

An antique coin dealer since 1998 that sells bargain-priced great quality ancient Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Indian coins and jewellery online and through eBay.
Gillis Coins

The best source for ancient Coins and antiquities, coins for sale range from Greek, Celtic, Roman, Byzantine, Anglo Saxon, Viking, English, Irish, Scottish and uncleaned lots.

Site about Roman Numismatics, Art, History and Archeology. Has information on how to collect antique coins such as Greek, Celtic and Roman coins.

Dr. Robert J. O'Hara's site that educates about ancient Greek coins among others. This page discuss the origins and early history of coinage.
David Sear Ancient Numismatics

An author's site dedicated to ancient coin collecting which offers books for sale, grading services, reproduction coins for sale and an educational page on an ancient coin type about how to collect antique coins.

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