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Coin shows - The bourse floor is the busiest place to be in numismatic exhibits. It is where coin collectors, dealers, and investors converge to make a trade or auction. The bourse was named after the Paris Bourse, the city’s center for stock exchange. Coin fairs are usually sponsored by numismatists clubs.

Coin shows

What new coin collectors should expect in coin shows?

Coin shows are the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow for coin collectors and dealers alike. It is where numismatic enthusiasts assemble to buy, sell, or trade coins.

Also called as bourse shows, these coin fairs were coined after the Paris Bourse or stock exchange, where traders transact business in designated trading areas. Bourse is the French for purse and this term is now used in numismatics for the public area where dealers can rent tables and display their wares. It is also called the bourse floor.

These shows are so highly valued for coin dealers and collectors for slightly different reasons, but both are looking to hit the bingo and pick up prizes - valuable and rare coins. Coin dealers hope that one of the collectors will pay a fantastic price for that coin they have been searching for for so long, while the collectors hope they will finally chance upon that coin they hadn't been able to forget, but never thought they'd find. 

Often times, these events are called:

-coin collecting fair
-coin exhibition
-coin expos
-numismatic shows

Never been to the hustle and bustle in the bourse before? There are numerous coin trading events all over America, Canada, UK, and other countries. Here are morsels of advice for first-time participants of coin shows:

1) Every coin collector clubs hold a regular coin show. Sometimes it is even sponsored by commercial promoters. This is the best venue for young and new numismatists to get a firsthand experience of how exciting coin collecting is.

2) Some may charge a minimal fee upon entrance but you get to see and feel the buzz on the bourse floor, that rivals a bingo hall or even the floor of the stockmarket after which it is named, when coin auctions are ongoing. The coins collecting fair is also an opportunity to learn more about the art of numismatics in their mini lectures and coin exhibits.

3) Most coin fairs are held on weekends. The bourse floor usually comes to life at mid-morning (about 10 AM) and closes in the late afternoon (around 4PM). However, some coin dealers pull out their articles during noontime of the last day. You get an advantage when you visit coin exhibitions earlier so you can get the most out of its line of activities and get the best bargains.

4) If you are a hopeful coin buyer, start browsing coin magazines for prices days before the event. A good knowledge of the coin market allows you to check a coin price guide and ask for the best bidding price of the coins. This is also a prudent way to plan ahead what coins to purchase, thus saving your time and deterring impulse buying.

5) When you are still undecided and you want to ask the dealer about the coin’s details, never loiter around the booth for so long. You take up the dealer’s time and there are still other people waiting.

6) Coins collectors, dealers, and investors rub elbows with one another inside the coin bourse. When things get exciting during coin trading, never meddle with another customer’s affairs. Wait for your turn in viewing or bidding on the coin.

7) Always be wary of people who may have wayward interests in the coin show. To protect numismatist dealers and buyers, avoid coin trading or any form of business transactions with persons who did not rent a booth in the bourse floor during the coins collecting fair.

8) You can also get a membership in your local coin collectors club in coin fairs. This is also where you can broaden your perspectives in numismatics and at the same time forge lasting commercial ties with your favorite coin dealer.

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