Coin museum

The Money Museum

The Truman Library collection of American coinage consists of examples of coins produced by the U.S. Mint during every presidential administration.
Kunsthistorisches Museum: Coin Collection

The Coin Collection is one of the five largest and most important coin collections in the world. With some 700,000 objects from three millennia, it contains not only coins, but also paper money, medallions, orders, etc.
The Hermitage numismatics collection

Site with a collection that has long been famed as one of the largest Russian coin museum. The bulk of the collection consists of coins: Ancient (some 120,000), Eastern (over 220,000), Russian (300,000) and Western (360,000).
The Fitzwilliam Museum

Website of a Canadian coin museum considered to have one of greatest collection of art collections in Canada. It can be found within the University of Cambridge, Canada.
The Currency Museum

Site of a Canadian coin museum was opened in 1980. It is home to the National Currency Collection, the largest collection of Canadian bank notes, coins, and tokens in the world.

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