Coin history

History & Stories – About Buffalo Nickels

Everything you will ever need to know about Buffalo Nickels is here, including: A price guide, a detailed grading guide, articles from leading authorities on Buffalo Nickels, history of buffalo nickels, and much more.
Coins of the UK

A comprehensive history of the Coins of England and the United Kingdom, along with values of those issued since the Civil War.
Numismatics Hungary

Hungarian site with regularly updated news and articles, with Hungarian coin history (especially Roman and Hungarian related), also this page contains catalog of coins (Roman, Hungarian) and banknotes in both Hungarian and English.
Chronology of Canadian Coins

A site that has a Canadian coin history that combine various published sources together to present a timeline about Canadian Coins.
History of Money

Site with worldwide coin history in context from the dawn of civilization to the beginning of the twenty first century, based on the definitive book on the subject.

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