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Coin magazines - Are available in everywhere coin collecting supplies can be found. Sometimes, they are also in newsstands like the Coin Magazine. There are also coin magazines online that offer newsletters subscriptions and numismatic forums for coin collectors all over the globe.

A guide on how coin collecting magazines reflect the coin market and a list of some leading printed and online numismatic publications.

Coin magazines or coin collecting periodical are essential to those who take numismatics by heart. Did you know that investors check on their decision whether to buy or sell a valuable coin from information available on their newsstands?

Since coin collecting involves buying, trading, and selling coins, knowing how the coin market pulsates is essential in making your monetary investments and efforts worthwhile. Price references and coin market trends are reflected on these numismatic publications.

You can track how well a certain coin is faring in the market by following the price charts in major numismatists magazines and even in coin collecting e-magazines. In checking the price chart of the value of coins, good performing coins show a plus (+) sign while depreciated coins will have a minus (-) sign.

Reading coin magazines is also one way to keep abreast with the latest coin issues in local or foreign currencies. Esteemed coin experts keep regular columns to update readers with everything there is to know about coins. It is also where events such as coin shows, auctions, and conferences are announced.

A coin collecting magazine may have coin classified ads of coins for sale or for trade. They are usually printed on full color and complete with the necessary details and order forms. You can also find a directory of the stores selling coin collecting equipments.

For first time coin investors, it is always wise to read numismatic publications before testing the waters of the coin market.

No doubt, the joys of every coin hobbyist are summed up in every coin collecting magazine.  Whether you avail of yearly subscriptions in print or sign up in a coin magazine online, you are sure to get your penny’s worth of information of what’s hot and what’s not in the numismatic world.

Get your latest issue of some of the popular numismatic magazines:

The Coin Dealer Newsletter – popularly called the Greysheet, profiles “raw coins” or those numismatic articles not certified by other grading systems.

The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter – commonly known as the Bluesheet, holds reference to generally accepted values for certified coins.

Coin World – look for the Trends Value, the coin price listing by Stuart Segan. This newspaper is published weekly.

Numismatic News – a weekly paper featuring the price listing from Joel T. Edler in the Coin Market section.

COINage – a monthly magazine replete with a Coin Price Guide.

Coins Magazine – published once a month by Krause Publications with a Guide Value Guide by Joel T. Edler

World Coin News – highlights new coin releases from all currencies in The World Coin Roundup section. The magazine is issued monthly.

Coin Prices – bimonthly issues feature U.S., Canadian, and Mexican coin and paper money values. 

Coin Connoisseur – features CoinStats, a reference to the exact value of certified coins.

Error Trends Magazine – is devoted to the trend prices and other subjects on error coins. – the coin magazine online by Krause Publications

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