Antique coin dealers

Quadriga Ancients

An antique coin dealer specializing in affordable ancient Roman coins for sale to collectors, and have been online since 1998.
Rarity Exchange Company

An antique coin dealer site dedicated to the enjoyment of ancient coin collecting. Buys and sells them as well.

Antique coin dealer that is an online and mail-order business in ancient coins, particularly Roman coins.
Rometa Romana

Germany based antique coin dealer that specializes in Roman coins.
Rusty Pennies

Illinoise antique coin dealer that speacializes in ancient Greek and Roman coins, medieval European, Islamic and Russian coins for sale and through online auctions on eBay.
Simmons Gallery

London antique coin dealer of ancient coins as well as tokens and medals from all over the world.
Southern California Coins

Antique coin dealer based in California USA, sells ancient, US coins, worldwide bank notes and coins. Also has a page about the Orange County Ancient Coin Club.

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