Coin dealers

Coin dealers directory, links & resources

World coin dealers

Directory of world coin online store. Where coin collectors can buy in the net US & foreign coins as well as other numismatic products.

Antique coin dealers 

This category is devoted to ancient coins shopping resources in the net. Place where you can buy old Greek, ancient Roman & Byzantine coins, Medieval numismatics etc.

Gold coin dealers

List of gold coins online traders. Website selling rare gold coins, bullion, antique & ancient gold coins.

Silver coin dealers

Links to online numismatic shops selling US silver coins & foreign collectible silver coins from all over the world.

Rare coin dealers

Directory of numismatics companies specialized in rare collectible coins. Coin collectors will find in those sites famous, expensive & valuable rare coins for sale.

Bullion coin dealers

Buy bullions online, find a list of bullion coin dealer in this category. Gold, silver, bullion for sale.

Proof coin dealers

Online company specialized in selling collectable proof coins from the US & other foreign countries.

Error coin dealers

Directory of numismatic shops specialized in error coins : foreign & US error coins, rare error coins for sale.

Commemorative coin dealers

List of online coin shops selling memorial coins. A place for numismatists to find large choice of US & foreign commemorative coins for sale.

Bimetal coin dealers

This section is devoted to online numismatic stores selling bimetallic coins.

Thematic coin dealers

Directory of themed collectable coins for sale, wildlife & animals on coins, zodiac coins & other topical numismatic products.

Reproduction coin dealers reources for coin manufacturers, private mint, numismatic online store selling replica coins. Greek, Roman, antique, medieval era, reproduction coins.

Exonumia dealers

List of websites selling exonumia products like medallion, medals, token, casino chips, military challenge coins, elongated coins, etc.

Casino chip dealers

Links to online store selling all kinds of casino chips & tokens, roulette, poker chip & other type of gambling chips.

Military challenge coins

Dealers resources to buy online military coins & medals, unit challenge coins, memorial coins, commanders coins & others.

Token coin dealers

Directory of online stores selling all kinds of token coins. Antique, collectable tokens & token manufacturers.

US coin dealers

Directory of American coin dealers and US coin shops. List of US coin dealers specializing in antique and rare American coins, and US gold and silver bullion coins. Resources for American numismatics and US exonumia.

Collecting coins is more worth it when you get authentic valuable coins by transacting with honest traders.

Coin dealers

Learn how to find a reputable dealer online

The emergence of the internet has brought both advantages and disadvantages to the coin collecting market.  The web has made buying and selling coins more convenient and easier.

With just a matter of search and clicks, you can already find coin catalogs and coin price guide provided by online coin dealers. Members of coin collecting clubs, networks, and communities communicate and participate in forum websites. Online auctions are also becoming popular among numismatists.

All these developments have created a more active and growing numismatic market.

However, online transactions have also created apprehensions to coin collectors and investors.  The lack of physical presence of buyers and coin dealers make numismatic transactions through the web risky to fraud.

How to find a reputable coin dealer online

1. Search in coin dealer directories

Coin collecting websites post a directory of coin shops, dealers, sellers, etc.  This contains a list of links that will direct you to the sites of coin stores found in the internet. For example the complete Coin dealer directory above this article.

2. Background Check: look for the About Us or Contact page of the coin dealer’s site

The About Us, Contact, and other equivalent pages of a coin shop website will tell you about the background of the company – how it started as a coin buyer and seller, how long has it been in the numismatic market, what type of collectors are its owners.

Prefer coin traders who publish their address and contact number on their websites.  This is an assurance that the dealer is not just a phony; provided that the home or office address exists. Check the authenticity of the address and other contact information.

3. Look for authorized dealers

Always prefer coin dealers, buyers, and traders who are authorized by the Professional Grading Service, American Numismatic Association Certification Service, and other top institutions dedicated to numismatic authentication.

4. Return Policy and other guarantees

Return policies and other guarantees are ways to assure customers that the numismatic dealers offer authentic collectable coins; and that the company takes responsible should there be defects on the products they deliver.

If your coin dealer hesitates to give you such guarantee, then his commitment to the quality of products and services he offers to his clients can be questionable.

5. Choose the coin trader which is recommended by most coin collectors and experts

Ask your numismatist friends or consult coin experts when choosing reputable coin shops online. If a trader has a lot of loyal customers and are suggested by coin professionals, then you may decide on transacting with this coin dealer.

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