Worldwide coin collectors

Harten, Peter Van

A Quality coin collecting site for worldwide collectible coins and bank notes. Features American coins, Euro coins, us gold coins and even roman coins. Also lists coin collecting supplies, coin collectors and coin grading services.
The William Collection  of notes and coins World

Worldwide coin collecting site by William Pujol, also features coin swapping, resources, tips & tricks for coin collecting.
Chiefa Coins

This website contains information on my coin collection. It contains all the important information on Coin Collecting, World Coin Dealers, Coin Mints and much more. It also contains links to World Rulers as well.
Litmanovich, Igor - Coin Collecting Page

A Coin collecting web site that has a coin catalog for worldwide coin collection with some that are available for trade. Also have lists coin collecting supplies, coin catalogs, coin swappers, coin collectors and coin dealers.
World Coin News

Latest information about new world coin types and varieties. Will post mainly information about official and legal tender coins.

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