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Basic numismatic supplies - A coin collecting kit is the most basic for new coin collectors. As your collection grows, you can acquire more equipment from numismatic stores online or in your community. A starter kit usually includes magnifying lenses, coin envelopes, coin holders, to name a few.

Coin collector supplies

What are the basic coin collecting supplies needed by numismatists?

Coin collecting supplies are essential for every numismatist. There is a plethora of numismatic paraphernalia available in the market.

But if you are just a beginner in coin collecting, collect the basic supplies first. When your collection grows, it’s also time you acquire more advance coin collector supply.

Here are the basic provisions in coin collecting. They are also thoughtful presents for your numismatist buddies and loved ones.

1) Coin collecting set or coin collecting starter kit – is probably the best gift anyone can give to a neophyte in numismatics. It usually contains a handbook replete with coin references and a how-to guide in coin collecting. The set also includes a collectible coin, coin holder, magnifier, and coin folders.

2) Coin collecting books and reading materials – books for beginners are those about the history of coin collecting and other self-help books to start your coin collecting hobby. As you advance in your numismatic knowledge, read about coin grading and pricing. There are also many coin magazines, catalogs, and newsletters available in print and online for your perusal.

3) Coin Software – these computer programs has an extensive database of collectible coins. Numismatists use coin collecting software for reference and aids in organizing your growing collection of coins.

4) Coin storage cases - comes in all sizes and varieties. Usually made out of plastic, they are airtight containers that seals away moisture. They do not only display your numismatic articles, they also protect coins from scratches and unwanted discolorations.

5) Display cases for coins – display your coins individually or in sets. The velvet-lined coin display cases are the more common ones.

6) Safety mailers for coins – coin holders to protect your coins when you send them out in the mail.

7) Coin cleaners and coin cleaning supplies – in general, DIY coin cleaning is not advisable. But when the situation badly calls for it, make sure you have the right coin cleaner for the specific metal. Also, use a pair of coin gloves, soft brush, and tongs. It is best you consult an expert first.

8) Coin magnifiers and loupes - closely study the coin for detecting counterfeit coins and scratches. This tool is helpful when self-grading your coin. Loupes offer 10x magnifying power than ordinary lenses.

9) Stapler for coin collectors – the flat clinch staplers fully compress the staple wires on the surface of the cardboard coin holders.