International coin collector clubs

World Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

This international bimetal coin collector club was established on September of 1996 for coin collectors interested in bimetal coins to pool their information and communicate with like minded collectors.
Single Global Currency Association

American International coin collector club site that supports a global currency for a global economy concept.
The Royal Numismatic Society

International coin collector club site. An academic body of charitable status and based in London which is concerned with research into all branches of numismatics.
Numismatic Coin Club World Internet Numismatic Society

Site of a internet coin collector group, based in Missouri USA, providing to the online members education ,guidance and assistance.
Encased Collectors International

An international coin collector club of like minded collectors who are dedicated solely to the promotion, and dissemination of information and ideas about encased coins.
Bowie Coin Club

The Bowie Coin Club is over 40 years old. Our earliest meetings were at Andrews AFB, Maryland. Our club is a very active one with a wide range of ages and collecting interests represented.

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