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Coin collecting enthusiasts converge each year in many coin shows and numismatists meetings all over the world to learn updates in new coins and to admire the art of numismatics.

Coin collector clubs

Learn about the advantages in joining coin collecting clubs and know about the different numismatic associations

In what coin collector clubs do you belong to?

If you are affiliated with a numismatic club – no matter if it’s a big organization or just an intimate group – you know too well how it makes coin collecting more fun and interesting as a hobby. Seasoned collectors and investors look forward to annual club meetings and participate in events that allow them to auction and socialize with other numismatists.

If you are just a newcomer to numismatics, joining a coin collecting society is your springboard in exploring the art of coin collecting. It may require a membership fee and obligatory attendance in their affairs. However, you receive privileges such as tickets to the numismatic association’s sponsored coin shows and events, regular newsletters, and reference materials.

Or you can also join in an online coin collecting club and be part of a big network of collectors and dealers from near and far places.

Take it from long-time club members when they say that being a part of coin collecting groups is the best way to expand your coin collection, numismatic knowledge, and set of friends.

Here are some of the reputable coin collector groups you can be part of:

American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association (A.N.A.) is one of the world’s reputed coin collector’s groups. It has been authorized by the U.S. Congress to advocate the art of numismatics and provide arbitration services for all coin enthusiasts. The Summer A.N.A. convention is one of the two conventions held annually by the association and one of the biggest coin shows all over the world.

Every member receives a copy of the Numismatist magazine. Other privileges include a pass to the Colorado seminar, circulating numismatic library and coin authentication services.

American Numismatic Society

The American Numismatic Society sponsors scholarly research on numismatics. Their summer seminar caters to students who touch numismatic subject matters on their theses. The A.N.S. is also known for having America’s notable coin collecting library.

Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

The R.C.N.A. caters to Canadians and occasionally, foreigners who are into collecting Canadian numismatic items. Every year, members and coin dealers come together for the RCNA Annual Convention. RCNA members get 10 issues of The RCNA Journal within the calendar year and an access to their book and media library.

Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico A.C.

This is a numismatic organization for coin collectors in Mexico.

A coin collecting society may also focus on thematic coins.

Colonial Coin Collectors Club

Founded in 1993, the C4 specializes on numismatic articles in the Early American era which they have compiled in a colonial reference library replete with a colonial photo file. Members receive a quarterly C4 Newsletter and invitations to their club meetings and coin shows.

Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America

The CONECA is actually the merging of two coin collectors clubs namely the Collectors of Numismatic Errors (CONE) and the Numismatic Error Collectors of America (NECA). Collectively, this numismatic organization focuses on error coins and die varieties. Annually, CONECA holds an event called the Errorama which is dedicated to error coin collectors.

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