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Coin collecting software – A coin software is a computer application which can be purchased and downloaded online.  This program assists numismatists in arranging and cataloging their coin inventory or collection.

Coin catalogs

Learn about the different types of coin catalogues and numismatic price guides

You can determine coin value, view coins price lists, analyze the numismatic market, and organize your coin collection easier with the help of a coin collecting catalog.

Coin catalogs or numismatic price guides come in different forms – there are coin collector softwares for Windows, free coin catalogues online, and printed coin price guides (found in magazines, newsletters, books, etc.).

Coin software

A coin collector software is a computer application which assists a numismatist in organizing his coin collection or inventory. It can be purchased and downloaded from the internet.

This computer program provides a comprehensive database of collectable coins showing important information of each coin on the list such as the mint date, dimension, size, weight, etc.  It also includes a photo of the coin so you can identify the pieces that you own.

There are different kinds of coin collecting software: ancient coin software, US coins catalog for Windows, and Roman coins software to mention a few. To know the type of program suitable for you, you can download a coin collecting software free trial usable within 30 days.

Online coin collecting catalog

A coin catalog online can be viewed in various coin dealer websites. Some coin sellers offer free coin pricing guides but may only provide limited information such as the photo of the coin, its type, price, and grade.

Extensive coin pricing may be availed by request. There are coin dealers who post a form on their site wherein you would have to write your name, contact information, and description of the coin you want to be priced.

Such online appraisal services can be availed for free or with charge. Still, most of the coin appraisers would recommend coin pricing to be done personally.

Printed coin price guides

A main advantage of printed coin price guides is reliability. Most if not all the coin collecting price guides, magazines and newsletters have been trusted in the business for long years by old time and advanced numismatists.

Should there be problems with the materials being released, you would know where to go, whom to approach, or how to reach the publisher through the contact information found in the editorial board box.

Aside from detailed price lists and coin catalogs, coin collecting periodicals also feature articles thoroughly discussing relevant issues that affect the coin hobby and business.  They also provide guides to help collectors analyze the coin market.

In addition, coin magazines nowadays have websites for more updated news bits on coins.

Types of coin catalog

Coin price catalogues can also be categorized according to types. There are world coins catalogues, ancient coin price guides, error coins catalog among others. The 2-clicks coin directory above will direct you to websites that feature coin catalogs online for more resources.